i, mollie. (_visivo) wrote,
i, mollie.

of course i have to update about my baking and goingson. duh.

grad party (spiced apple raisin pie with lattice, blueberry tart)

the party was fun, except for the part where brendan has shitty parents and the numerous instances where i was asked about my plans for the future. why you askin me? ask the fucking grads. smarties. i totally have a career, alright.

the italian street painting festival was on the 12th in san rafael. for you foreign'ers, the street painting festival is an annual event where they re-pave and close off a street (or two) in the downtown area of san rafael (in marin county), and divide areas into (mostly REALLY BIG) 'squares' that artists can pay for (or have sponsored) to paint with chalk pastels. there's also music and other crap. i think it was a pretty good year, but as usual i got bored quickly and just snapped a few digital shots of what piqued my interest. faces always impress me because i've always loved to draw people... the colors at the event were amazing, especially closer to sunset.

i need to save money for this upcoming trip. i can't believe i'm looking forward to going back east. we're totally going camping. at a lake!! i have a few (completely irrational) fears surrounding this sort of thing, but theyre not even related to being in the wilderness/dark/with bears and antelope. haha.

above, detail of the square sponsored by the studio (where i work). totally weird, i think brendan would've liked it.

above, a favorite.

in case you find it illegible, it reads "professor mr. monkey toast". winner of best quality, by far.
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