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i was reeeally tempted to post this in 'vegan_cooking'

this is no cakelette. this is a goddamn cake, mothafucka. i done made it for pa's birthday.

southern heirloom cake (and oh how southern it is)

compliments, the heritage of southern cooking by Missus Camille Glenn


lots of butter
many eggies
flour salt cream and all the other good things that, when combined, consequently produce a delicious thing such as above photo depicts.

also, a fabulously glossy chocolate ganache-type "queen anne's" frosting.

geez, i am so not wordy.

edit -- i ate a piece and it's miraculousy perfect, considering our oven is 78,000 years old!


lord above me, i am SUCH an old lady for loving marc jacobs things! $$ but i could never $$ ~ hi, you are expensive
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