December 20th, 2005


Christmas can suck it

I just bought a pepper mill online for my father, as a christmas gift.
I was trying to find the most excellent pepper grinder EVER MADE because:

a) it's a boring gift as it is, and
b) my dad uses this stupid plastic grinder thing and it pisses me off.

Too bad a second after I ordered it I realized it is the most sexually explicit pepper mill in the WORLD.

MAGNUM PLUS -- a NINE INCH, thick, black, plastic phallus of pepper grinding glory.

HAHAaaa ohhh dear. ALL of the mills are relatively penis-like. At least I didn't get the lil' one:

THAT would probably hurt his feelings.

Whatev! My boyfriend AB recommended it so that will be my excuse when I get really weird looks from everyone as he opens the package.

PS; I hate airplanes.
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