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What is it like, to live in New York?

I am so unprepared for my classes this week. I am putzing around as usual. I just want to be a happy homemaker, and fucking knit, and take photos.


no nose.

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I've been jobhunting all day, since 7:30 am, and my head is going to EXPLOOOOOODEEEEE. Good news: people like me. Bad news: that doesn't mean they want to hire me!


Okay, that's literally thirteen hours of job searching/picking up apps and writing my resume, which I am still not happy with. Also, craigslist is sucking lately. I just want a decent job. Rrra. I'm done til tomorrow…


Ya, it calls for a new one, babes.

makes-me-happy two-thousand six:

˙nice kitchens with nice appliances and nicely painted walls
˙knee socks
˙tshirt dresses
˙a nice big sweet potato
˙lush (not even a guilty pleasure anymore well maybe a little)
˙being able to return calls!
˙excercise, momentarily
˙being sixteen stories in the air looking down at san francisco, because san francisco makes me feel so small all the time, geez
˙vanillaalmondblack tea, calming teas, gingerpeachblack tea
˙respect/respectfulness/feeling equal
˙good conversations
˙nice baths
˙good photos
˙the movie Shower
˙friends (I need more, see makes-me-pissed-at-myself #5)
˙the idea of living comfortably and happy, and with someone I love and that loves me
˙feelings of accomplishment (which don't come often these days)

makes me pissed at myself:

˙nervousness over returning calls wtf!
˙is baking really so cool that i want to go to school for it

…like, really?
˙i am terrible at keeping in touch with people
˙how SERIOUSLY easily annoyed I am
˙I should drink less caffeine but I am a slut
˙_______ for no reason
˙not being able to say what I really want to say
˙not doing what I really know is right. I know I should. Fuck.

Christmas can suck it

I just bought a pepper mill online for my father, as a christmas gift.
I was trying to find the most excellent pepper grinder EVER MADE because:

a) it's a boring gift as it is, and
b) my dad uses this stupid plastic grinder thing and it pisses me off.

Too bad a second after I ordered it I realized it is the most sexually explicit pepper mill in the WORLD.

MAGNUM PLUS -- a NINE INCH, thick, black, plastic phallus of pepper grinding glory.

HAHAaaa ohhh dear. ALL of the mills are relatively penis-like. At least I didn't get the lil' one:

THAT would probably hurt his feelings.

Whatev! My boyfriend AB recommended it so that will be my excuse when I get really weird looks from everyone as he opens the package.

PS; I hate airplanes.
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Makes Me Happy

getting back into bed right after a shower
Pretty cupcakes
baking !
good-smelling things
taking photos
getting really good negs back
going to band practice (dude i should totally pick up clarinet again!!!)
christmas shopping for you ( i usually walk around making a hmmmmm face )
scharffen berger chocolate lip balm
am I really going to Disneyland?
oh good books and neat mags!
sending out snail mails
edited to add: marin county honey with the comb in the jar (chronic shit, I currently own four kinds of honey)

My Guilty Pleasures & Weaknesses

two things I can't name
christmas shopping for me
ummmm chocolate
tazo's calm tea (yuck tazo but OH GOD with honey it's deadly)
twelve baths a day (not an accurate #, but i'll get back to you with those figures ASAP)
yep that's it

Shit I Hate

arguing/politics/political arguments that go in circles.
really loud people (is it necessary?)
the fact that I make a poor argument even when I believe in something.
social situations
figuring out life
what the fuck am i doing with myself feelings

I am incredibly interesting. I may be complex emotionally, but I am a pretty simple fucking person otherwise!

when did i become obsessed with chocolate? I used to hate it.


Okay, I'll admit it.

I have and internet crush. YES it's true... I am smitten with pim! A fellow type-padder that writes a mostly-food blog, Chez Pim. I crush, mostly because I envy her über-foodie lifestyle (she's not even employed! and she eats at French Laundry and goes to France and eats fancy French food!) but also because of this entry. I found someone as obsessively passionate about loose leaf tea as myself. I do confess to drink the occasional bag though. Convenience. :\

Oh, and she also provides nice photos, to supplement the written bits.

End confession.


Also, to demostrate my craftiness (umm yes):

I made this buckwheat pillow for bee's grandma, because she is cute and her birthday is on Thanksgiving. What a good excuse to use an expensive piece of fabric!

Being that I am ever-infatuated with Liberty fabrics, even a little (nine-dollar) fat quarter of the stuff excites me (textiley speaking). The best place to get fabric, period, in Marin county is ambatalia in mill valley. The owner is even a Moll(y), and has a fancy last name to boot. I like her but I like the fabric she carries more. Oooo.

The pillow's lightly scented with lavender and calendula ( I like that shit ) and is made up of a bit (7" x 15") of muslin (which holds the buckwheat) and has a little slipcase of 'tomato'-print liberty. It's actually teeny flowers but brendan insists on the tomato thing. So she can wash the slipcase! And you can heat it up to help with your arthritic parts. Hahahah I have such sympathy for the elderly.

And clearly, I am a genius.

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Oh also! Everyone should have a few Bio-Masks by LUSH. I'm a convert :\ -- the Crash Course in Skincare is awesome.
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I like this because it is quiet.

I prefer to be quiet. Is quiet out of fashion or something? Because I rarely meet people like me, that want to be quiet and just drink a lot of fucking tea.