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Sorry for not updating. Got a new blog at~


Please check and update your links, yeah? :D

i'll use this LJ account for shopping only~! ^o^

And sorry, all previous old posts have been changed to 'Friends Only' mode. ^^;;


(Beware of long post and pictures overloads. I forgot how to make an lj-cut. ^^;;)

I know this is kinda late, but i'd like to wish you a Happy V(idel)-day! ^o^

Took this pic yesterday with my friend Ryo-kun at our V-day Cosplay & J-street Fashion Stall. ^^

There are so many competitors and my cards didn't sell much. ToT
But it was fun overall eventhough there are so many people laughing at us. But there was also a Journalist/Reporter who took our pictures. :D
Too bad we didn't have much pictures and my cam-phone was being dumbdumb yesterday.

I was supposed to be a Sweet Lolita, but my lolita shoes & white stockings haven't arrived, and my lolita blouse also can't be weared because it seems that Teeyah had mistakenly sew it wrong. *pokes teeyah* next time you must fix it yeah? XD
So i chose to be a Kodona/Prince; black beret, red plaid quarter pants, white ruffle blouse with black ribbon, black vest, red velvet coat, black&white knee high socks, and not forgotten. my white creeper. and yeah, i kidnapped my friend's glasses too! XD
well, it's quite hard to walk when using glasses.
i see doubles! @_@

Sorry for the pic crappyness. i want a good camera. T_T
Sorry for the messy room. and the newspaper sheet because we normally didn't use shoes inside the house because they're dirty.

Me and Ryo arrived at the Waterfront Kuching quite late...around 4 pm. Can't complaint much because my dad so many things to do. but he should have told me earlier so i can ask my sister's bf to send me there.
Viople and Hanrietta arrived quite late also...around 4:30pm... Viople supposed to join the Kodona group, but she's too lazy to change her outfits, so she's borrowing the Itachi Akatsuki costumes. XD

Ryo strikes a pose with a rose. (woot! it rhymes! XD)

Itachi- the Beauty Queen Pageant. lol~

Me and Ryo-kun again.

Then...around 5:30 pm...we walked to the Tun Jugah shopping centre to have our dinner.

Cloud(Final Fantasy) and Yondaime (Naruto) eating Mushroom Chicken Noodles. XD

evilmatter's and thedweller's friends.

Haru played with the chinese parasol and thedweller talked with evilmatter. i think. o_O

and there's ryuten's hair. she's cosplaying Sakura. but i don't have a pic of her.
she's very pretty! ^^

Now...to the foods! XD
My chicken don. X3

Ryuten's California Rolls.

And...i forgot to take pic of Ryo's Tempura, Viople's Mee Soup, and Haru's chicken noodles.

After dinner, we changed the selling venue to Padungan area where there are so many other stalls selling
Chinese New Year stuffs. and Valentine's too!
So there we are, shouting, "Flowers! Flowers! Fresh roses!", and yeah. everybody stared at us...
because we're 'different'. lol.
And the girls beat the boys in selling. lol~

Unosuke Chieko shocked me when he came there using his ala-GTO attire as he was teaching at the school nearby.
Around 8, ryo, ryuten and thedweller went back home.
I'm waiting for my mom and so did Viople.
So we took a few pics before we went back home.
Blur-ness no 1.

me and haru accidentally closed our eyes.

Blur-ness no 2.

Sorry for the crappyness again. -_-'' *kills unosuke for bad pics*

I received a call from my beloved Yabuki from the forest (when i say in the forest, that's mean he rarely call me because of bad coverage or no coverage at all).
Today will be his last day working there before he go back to Sibu to visit his grandma and then will arrive to Kuching on the 20th night.
i changed my working schedule from 21st to 20th. That's mean, i'm working on 17th, 18th, 19th, and 20th. huhu. no CNY holiday and angpao for me. T_T
after working then i can meet my Yabuki~! XDDD wahh...i missed him dearly.
but i know i'm going to argue with him again when we see each other. lol.

i just received my Lolita_Lola white lolita shoes this afternoon. Darn Poslaju! they supposed to send the shoes yesterday! *kills*

That's all for now. *tata*


I'm back! ^^ RWMF report 1! ^^

Woot~!! The Rainforest World Music Festival 2006 was AWESOME! XD
That was my first time attending and i already started craving for next year.lol.
I bet that the next year will be much cooler because it will be the 10th anniversary. X3

There were 3 days event, with RM$60 for each day (Friday - Sunday). started at 2 pm - 5 pm (for music workshops/games/etc) and the music party began at 7 pm.
i only went at the last day because i couldn't afford to buy 3 in the row tickets (RM$60 x 3), besides nobody will accompany me. Luckily my dad suddenly let me go which had made me a happiest person ever. XDDD
Warning! More long report inside with pics.Collapse )
Well, that's all for the RWMF'06 report part 1. XD
I'll continue with the Night part somewhere tonight because i need to pick up something at the post office. X3
See ya! *huggles*

Go Pets!!

oh, i joined this yesterday! <3
for you who loves pets (cats and dogs) and loves chatting, you can join this! XD

the cats are really adorable! XD
i'm very new so i'm still really 'blur' in everything. but i love it when my cat made that love thingy on his head! X3
oh, btw...my username there is VidelIchiban, and my neko's name is Tora.
i'm going to adopt another one and name it Yuu...kyaaa~~<3
i want to buy a neck bandanna for my cat too! ^^

the pets can wear accesorries (clothes, hats, etc), eat and drink, and even travel to the other places! @_@
i hope my neko will travel to japan...ahahaha XD

well, see you there!

p/s: please tell me if you're joining so we can see our pets! XD

Shun's tag!

doing this because waiting for AnCafe's Escapism PV finished to download. =_=
i'm darn sleepy and tired!!!
i got a class tomorrow early morning! T_______________T

Choose a band/artist and answer the following questions using only their song titles as answer.
My choice: Merry

1. Are you male or female?
Yellow Girl.

2. Describe yourself.
Japanese Modernist.

3. How do SOME people feel about you?
Lost Generation.

4. How do you feel about yourself?
Atashi Wa Suteneko. T^T

5. Describe your ex-girlfriend/ex-boyfriend.
Rest In Peace. XD

6. Describe current girlfriend/boyfriend.
Haraiso. (means Paradise in English) XD

7. Describe where you want to be.
Tasogare Restaurant.

8. Describe how you live.
Uragiri Loop.

9. Describe how you love.
Ren'ai Kousaten. ToT

10.What would you ask for if you had just one wish?

11.Share a few words of wisdom.
Violet Harenchi. >:D

12.Favourite things.
Tokyo Terehon. (Tokyo Telephone)

13.Describe your day.
REFRAIN~doyoubi no namida~.

14.Now say goodbye.
Soushite, tooi yume no mata yume.

The last one is hard! o_O;;;
i dunno what to put in.
i'm tagging whoever want to do this.

Thank You for all your great wishes guys! *hugs all*