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_verso >> icons made by emptyspace_

>> an icon journal

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  • _verso@livejournal.com

Note: the listed links below are in alphabetical order. No favouritism involved! XP


5signs, anjan, buddha_, by_jazzling, charmicons, createdbynoise, dead_icons, iargwath, icon_me, mesmeriseicons, openingrose, peace_orchestra, savagebloom, sourlysweet, thepearls_, wicked_pretty

Brush credit

17wings.net, antibrush, elisabrush, ex-posed, vbrush, stumphed, callmefreak, crumblingwalls, inxsomniax, dtissagirl, gegenschein // counterglow, humiliatedgrape, inexorablyhere, oxoniensis // grooves as spirals, pekeana, policeloveyou, quebelly, sans_espoir, serendipitysho

Image Resources:

I usually search through a search engine such as Google, but other main resources may be from BagEndInn, Alias-Media, TwoEvilMonks, or Mugglenet. If I come across any thing else, it would be stated in posts.