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Finally! An actual icon post [10 Jan 2005|11:18am]
[ mood | good ]

Well, I'm in my summer/long holidays now (over this end of the globe), and over the past few weeks I've been whipping up some icons. And now, I've finally finished and am in the mood of posting these babies up. I've got:

19 x The Weekenders
05 x Scissor Sisters
08 x Looking For Alibrandi
01 x Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
01 x The Strokes - header

I actually like this batch, so check it out :D

Remember to credit where it is due. Credit with either emptyspace_ or _verso. Thank you, and enjoy!


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[05 Oct 2004|11:02pm]
[ mood | content ]

I'm not dead and gone, no. As I've said before, I'm just caught up with school right now. Not only that, my computer crashed on me recently and I've had to reformat it. When the computer was reformatted (I didn't do it; my dad hired this dude to) my PhotoShop was wiped out and along with the collection of brushes I had saved from various, talented people. Fortunately, I've restored most of them. On the other hand, I couldn't restore my PhotoShop. I'll have to purchase another one soon, when I've got the mula. So for now, I'm going to have to put _verso on HIATUS.

But to make this post not so dismal, I'd like to introduce a new affiliate: iargwath :) . Go check out her work! I'm sure you might've heard of her and seen her stuff.

x emptyspace_

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Requests: Done [22 Aug 2004|02:25pm]
[ mood | content ]

I've finished making these requests, which are exclusively for touchysubject and honnorway. Unless they bid you to use them, that is. Anyway, I hope you two like them! Just remember to save them to your own server, or to your computer. I'm going to take these off later on.

By the way, _verso will be dormant for quite some time after this post. I'm going to be busy these couple of weeks to follow and icons will not be made until the finishing of my school commitments. However, I may squeeze in some icons from time to time ;) .

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Update [14 Aug 2004|09:36am]
[ mood | amused ]

Hey guys.
I know I've been dormant for quite some time so I'm making a request post. If you have a request just comment to this post with specific details as to what you would like. Plus, it would be much easier if you could provide me with the image you'd like me to use, and a link would be fine too. I give you fair warning that I'm not so great with blending, but I'll try my best at it if you would like it.

So, onto pimping my affiliates! Check them out :D Because I said so, and because they're all so much better than I am.

_theblackpearl, anjan, buddha_, charmicons, createdbynoise, dead_icons, icon_me, mesmeriseicons, openingrose, peace_orchestra, sourlysweet, and wicked_pretty!

If you'd like to be an affiliate with _verso comment to this post or any other post :] .

Have a spanking great day, boys and girls :D .
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Murder By Numbers & Ryan Gosling [13 Jul 2004|10:52pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

I only just recently watched "Murder By Numbers" and have decided to make icons on them. Not to mention some added bonuses, Ryan Gosling.

x Comment
x Credit (_verso or emptyspace_)
x Take
x Enjoy!
x No stealing and no hot-linking

Oh yeah, I tried out quebelly's new brushes. Hope you guys'll like it =S . Tell me what you think! :D


./ ./ ./

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Ohmygosh [09 Jul 2004|12:47am]
[ mood | tired ]

I haven't posted any thing for months. I've just been consumed with my not-so-much-hectic life and... yeah.

Well! Here's a random batch filled with Harry Potter, Rupert Grint, and the ever-so-gorgeous Elijah Wood.

x Comment
x Credit (_verso or emptyspace_)
x Take
x Enjoy!
x No stealing and no hot-linking


./ ./

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Tom Felton [21 Apr 2004|08:14pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Hee hee! Finally I'm posting up the Tom icons. You know the drill: comment, credit, and enjoy.

Teasing with:

. . .

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[19 Apr 2004|02:39pm]
[ mood | bored ]


I'm bored and I want to make some icons. The thing is is that I don't know what images to use. So, I'm asking you guys to suggest a theme for me to do. (A theme meaning a particular movie or tv show or anime or item or food.. Whatever). And then I'll choose one of the suggestions to do. Easy? Peasy.

To suggest, comment.


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Alias =) [14 Apr 2004|06:42pm]
[ mood | content ]

First post! These are icons I made previously and have posted in other communities as well as my journal. But I felt I should post these up.

You know the rules. Enjoy! ;)

Teasing with:

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