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Eleonora [userpic]
33 Multifandom icons

1-6 Lost
7-16 Inception + JGL
17-26 The Hunger Games
27-33 Anime (Nadia, Evangelion, Utena)



I'm saving the 'girl on fire' icon! Gorgeous. :)

Taking a Hunger Games icon, will credit :)

Taking #20. Will credit you when used!

Oooh, lovely! Have taken 7 and shall credit! <3

love your inception icons. Taking a #9, 12, 13.

these are so pretty!
taking number 20, will credit. :)

Snagging the beautiful one of Anthy and the roses! Will credit when used. :)

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

Isabel Lucas :)

Lovely icons. I really like #17

Pretty! (:

hunger games and inception=perfection

number 13 is just what i was looking for!!! thank you.

These are lovely! Snagging the A/A one and some HG ones!

these are really lovely ^^
snagging some thg!

Saving #19. It's gorgeous, I love it. Credit will be given when used. Thanks.


I was wondering who you used as Peeta and Katniss in #21. But I love all the icons! Nice work.

Hunter Parrish and Kaya Scodelario :)

saving 7 + 8. Awesome.

Snagging a few of the Incepiton. Will credit when used.

I love these, taking # 15. Will credit when used, thanks!

30 = <3

I'm taking some of the THG ones. Great work!