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Eleonora [userpic]
55 Multifandom icons

The Fall x26
Cracks x6
Imogen Poots x4
Kaze to ki no uta x6
Utena x9
Pandora Hearts x5

The Fall


Imogen Poots

Kaze to ki no uta


Pandora Hearts


Fantastic icons.Taking a few,will credit.

Taking the third Kaze to Ki no Uta icon~

I love your icons for The Fall. The muted colors are stunning. Great work!

Lovely Utena icons! ♥

Fantastic icons, especially the Cracks and Imogen Poots ones!

Taking your kazeki icons and some of the Utena ones!

Brilliant work, btw!

Beautiful! I'm particularly fond of the KazeKi and Utena icons.

I love the colours in this, especially the Utena ones! I'll take some Utena ones with credit.

Ooh, these are lovely. The Kaze to Ki no Uta ones are gorgeous, and I love the one of Saionji and Touga :)

Juriiiii!! Will snag and credit <333

So lovely~
I love the icons.