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Eleonora [userpic]
56 Multifandom icons

Lost [SPOILERS] x36
Cinderella's Sister x4
Spirited Away x8
Melissa Haslam x8


Cinderella's Sister

Spirited Away

Melissa Haslam


Love your icons! Especially made of Melissa's works :)

Ohhhh, if I had more room for icons, I'd take that last SA icon.

Ooh, Lost and Spirited Away icons are muy bonita! Snagging some for future use and I will definitely credit, thanks so much. :'D

Taking some lost, these are great!

Spirited Away! <33

your lost icons are beautiful. you really captured the favorite moments of the finale.

took two of the spirited away icons,
thank you :)

Taking some Spirited Away icons. Thanks!

Great icons, I think I'll take some of Melissa Haslam.
I'll credit if I use them. ~