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Eleonora [userpic]
81 Multifandom icons

Audrey Kawasaki x9
Gintama x40
Durarara x9
Hetalia x5
Spirited Away x4
Bleach x3
Toradora x2
Anna Tsuchiya x5
Japan x5

Audrey Kawasaki 01-09

Gintama 10-49

fanarts from: http://www.pixiv.net/index.php

Durarara!!! 50-58

Hetalia 59-63

Bleach 64-66

Toradora 67-68

Spirited Away 69-72

Anna Tsuchiya 73-77

Japan 78-81

fanarts from:http://www.pixiv.net/index.php

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That first Spirited Away icon is amazing. Thanks so much, I'm snagging it, will credit! :D

Your Gintama icons are lovely, I'll be taking lots! I've never actually heard of Audrey Kawasaki. but those icons look so pretty, I'll take a couple of those, too. Will credit if I use them :) Thanks for sharing!


Taking some Drrr!! icons, thank you~!

Your stock icons are so beautiful <3.

Ooh! You've got some cool Gintama icons there! Do you mind if I take some of them?
Also, if it isn't asking much, can you tell me where I can get the original fanart of the 4th Gintama icon? I know you pointed out pixiv, I've been wandering around there and never found that one. .__.

Must be one of the coolest batches of Gintama icons I've ever seen. .__. (And you have all my favourite characters there : D)
Keep it up! *thumbs up* ^_^

took a few by kawasaki. will credit. Thanks a bunch!

Those Gintama icons are GOREOUS! I'm going to steal them all *A* And I shall credit~ THANK YOU~


Beautiful icons, taking one of Audrey Kawasaki! Thank you for sharing!

So pretty icons!!!<3
love those drrr and APH ones XD
Would you mind giving me the original of 62 of APH?

wow nice icons. :D

I especially like the first DRRR from Mikado-kun... do you mind posting the original art?^^
Because it looks cool. :3

i LOVE the first spirited away icon! i snagged it. thanks!

Took the first Kawasaki and the third Anna Tsuchiya. <3 Lovely work, thank you!

Lovely icons~ 8D <3

but what is orginal of DRRR icon 51? I'll take it ~

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