Veronica (_veronica_) wrote,

so exactly how necessary is a couch?

are couches really necessary?

on the way home today, i noticed that the roads traveling under the transition from the 10w to the 5n are transposed. like, the carpool lanes are on the wrong side. i think i only noticed this because i only got 2.5 hours of sleep last night. but it got me thinking, hey! we ought to have wacky traffic day. like, we'll all pretend we're british and drive on the left and talk in funny accents when we yell at people who're driving on the right side of the road. ooh. and no one is allowed to make a right turn. they just have to keep making lefts until they get in the right direction. oooooook. maybe not.

so i'm looking at my couch. and realizing. the only thing it's good for is setting things on it. the cats sleep on it a lot. every once in a while, i sit on it to watch a movie. but other than that, it's kinda big and kinda commands more attention than it deserves. so. being that my house is uber (and i mean uber in the double-dot sense) small, and has practically no closet space, i had a loft-bed built for me, and using spreader bars and a bit of ropework, i managed to build a closet under my bed.

so. i'm thinking. perhaps. i should replace the couch with another loft-bed. then i could still be comfy for movies and stuff, and be able to set up music stuffs underneath. or maybe i could replace it with a kiddie pool... anything would be better than a couch. are couches really necessary? i mean, is it totally unreasonable to have a living room with no couch? is that taking things too far?

i should just move. really.

so if you know, or know someone who knows, of a loft space in say... arts district, little tokyo, fashion district, downtown, westside, hollyweird, or perhaps noho, for say... $1 / square foot or less... drop me a line. i'd like to move sometime around november. 15 foot ceilings, air conditioning or with the right windows to install air conditioning, drive-in parking. and kitties.

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