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it's rough being a fallen superhero

i used to really believe i could save the world. when i was little, i thought i possessed super human powers. i would save girls from boys that would do them harm. my favorite triumph was when i beat up a third grader. i was the smallest girl in first grade. but that didn't matter. he stole a ball from some girls and was teasing them with it. i reenacted a scene from she-ra. i said, "wanna dance?" and i took his wrists and spun around, then punched him with an uppercut to the diaphragm. he actually came up off the ground and landed on his back, the wind knocked out of him. pleased, i handed the girls their ball back and walked away.

it was a difficult lesson to discover that i can't save the world.

(sometimes i forget and have to relearn that lesson)

(i forgot again tonight)

after work, pho0ka and i stopped by dungeon. as we were leaving, a guy starting screaming at this girl, calling her and asshole and generally being a psycho. he pushed her and threw her stuff on the ground. she was crying and cowering. i told the boy to wait; i wanted to make sure he didn't hit her. a crowd of people gathered. prolly about 20 people.

then i was like, wtf? why are we all waiting for him to hit her before we do something? does she need a concussion before we're willing to help? so i walked right up to her, put my hand on her arm, and quietly asked if she needed a safe ride home. she wouldn't look at me. she just tried to wipe the tears. he answered for her. he screamed that he was her safe ride home and she just looked down.

there was nothing i could do, and i just had to accept that. i was angry and sad.

i ran into industry_kitty, who had joined the crowd and was worried about her, too. i told her i was afraid he was gonna hit her when they got home. "he will. he'll prolly hit her in the car on the way, too." but what can you do? you can only help people when they're ready to be helped.

but it's hard sometimes.

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