as you might have noticed... 

our group will start playing spycraft in a few weeks...

it will be spycraft 1, but I noticed a LOT of weapons for WW2 can be found in the spycraft 2 book, which is fantastic news...

apart from all this, I'm ok... life continues and work as well... could be worse...


so it begins...

September 27 1939, Warsaw surrenders and Poland falls to the might of the Wehrmacht and Russian invaders

January 10 1940, a Luftwaffe plane crashes in Mechelen-sur-Meuse, Major Helmut Reinberger does not succeed in destroying the papers carried within, the papers detailing the German invasion plan.

April 10 1940 Denmark falls after only 24 hours

May 3 1940 Norway falls to the might of the German Wehrmacht


Today, May 4 1940



After your application and additional training in the Scottish
highlands we are pleased to announce that you have passed the
stringent tests required for active duty in the SIS.

You are hereby called into active duty as of this moment and you
are to report at 64 Baker Street, London on May 5th, 1940 at

Your commander will be alerted of your change in status.

Major Lawrence Grand

It's not enough that we do our best; sometimes we have to do what's required.
~Sir Winston Churchill

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the agony...

there is a roleplay character concept stuck in my head, waiting to given life... 

the problem is... I'll prolly never get to play the character...

V ~ Very F* Annoyed
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random thoughts


just came back to work from a 3 day holiday... and now I'm finding myself in the office keeping myself occupied...

I've spend 3 days just relaxing and thinking a bit, not too much, just enough to keep my mind occupied...

I was organising the "office" it's just a very small room filled with books, and a computer and a lot of dvd's... thanks to me it's usually a bit messy as I just walk in, take whatever I need and just put it back in a random order when I'm through with it...

yesterday I decided to put back some order in things... and I succeeded ... it's not perfect, but at least a start... you have to start somewhere, right?

anyway... when I was organising the books I was putting back some order in the roleplay stuff I have... not a large collection, but decent...

thinking about RPG's our group played some but it's strange to think that I have trouble playing characters in some of those, for example... I severely dislike Warhammer and I don't "get" Dragonlance... not sure why but I just don't "get" those games...

back to plotting the new spycraft thing I'm going to do... we'll start in a few weeks so I still have plenty of time to prepare...

take care

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Hey all, 

I've been spending too much time at work again... but I've been thinking about and working on my spycraft thingy... the Special Operations Executive... I'm going to put them early into the war, just before, or during the battle for Britain... more information is below... what do you guys think about the character creation rules?

does anybody have an idea on how to handle/replace the computer skill?


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january update

Hey Guys (and Gals),

I'm back, again... workload has been very heavy the last few weeks and I'm really, really tired...

personally everything is ok, apart from the tiredness and the work...

roleplaying wise I finally figured out what I'm going to be mastering... I'll be mastering Spycraft, silver books... but we'll be playing in 1942 or 1943 or something... the players will be british SOE agents with their mission "To set Europe ablaze..." hmm now I have to find the weapons used in WW2, some nice missions... but that should be easy to find... hopefully there are some ww2 weapons in the MAG...

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last day of 2007

so it's the last day of another year... it seems like yesterday I sat down with the lovely one and we discussed our plans for 2007, most of them were followed through on... some weren't... 

it was a good year, a lot of work, some changes in work... but most imporatantly... the highlight of the year... the Africa Trip... I'm so glad the lovely one talked me into it... Lesotho is just too gorgeous... 

again at work at the moment...  hopefully it will be worth it in the end... I've sacrificed a lot of personal time for the current project... only to get crap from the customer... I really think they don't notice that I'm here when they arrive and I'm still here when they leave... but hey.. such is life... as long as my boss knows it I'm happy...

enough whining and moaning...

happy new year's eve everyone, may your wishes and new year's resolutions for 2008 come through... I wish you all the best...

V for Vanity
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the spycraft Q


the question

if any of you can/want to answer it...

I'm looking for a long term mission/combination of mission

starting at lvl? possibly 1

silver/black (old skool spycraft 1) preferably... but 2.0 also allowed

if it's black... some easy way to bring a group of 4 players into the black universe...

any ideas anyone?


not dead... well... yet anyway...

Hey Guys,

how's life...

mine has been busy... with a capital B... I've switched jobs... I'm now an SAP consultant... which means longer days, longer weeks, longer months... but better pay and more interesting jobs ... so both good and worse... I've also spent some time in South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland (on a holiday... not just for work...)

how has life for you guys been?

are any of the old spycraft gang still online?

anyhow... Happy holidays... whichever they may be... but make sure you enjoy the upcoming Winter-Een-Mas...

V ~ Vanity, still my favorite sin...