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claire ♥
01 December 2010 @ 01:39 am
Ok technically I missed Day Three, if you measure it by 24 hours blah blah blah.
So I shall do Day Three and Day Four together! At least I remembered I missed it! 

(THREE) Unusual Fetishes
Ok there's really some damn weird fetishes that I know some people have which can be pretty darn kinky, but mine isn't anything so interesting. Ok la my fetishes probably aren't unusual, but perhaps it's unusual cause people don't expect me to have such hobbies, or fetishes. 

Number One Unusual Fetish - Anime/Manga
According to Kenneth, I've become an Otaku which is someone with an obsessive interest for something, particularly anime or manga. Okayyy I definitely have not reached the standard of those crazed fanboys/girls who stalk and buy every merchandise there is of their particular obsession. But I certainly am, to put it mildly, DAMN INTERESTED in anime and manga. Ironically all my life, I've secretly thought that anime and manga was damn stupid and I thought people who were fans were dumb. Great, I officially turned into someone who I would have hated a year ago. Ok not hate, it's too strong a word. Perhaps..."looked suspiciously at" would be a better substitute. Why it's unusual because apparently I don't look the sort to be into such things. My friend said that I'm too well dressed (-.-) and since I go gaga over shoes and bags, it's apparently impossible to have such diverging tastes. IMPOSSIBLE MEH -.- haha I like anime & manga, and I'm kinda proud of it. (though Weixin and everyone still give me the look.....)

Number Two Unusual Fetish - Comic Books
Ok la, same as on top, but this one is the English version. Yes I do collect comic books, the Marvel, DC Comics kind. NOT THE ARCHIE KIND PLS OMG. Again unusual because I look demure, ladylike (YESSSSS) and don't seem to indulge in such boyish activities. In secondary school, I used to spend my allowances to buy comics at this place at Cine. Bet the person must be thinking why the fuck is there a convent girl coming to buy books every week -.- Sometimes I also tend to search the comic's respective Wikia page to erm find out more stuff. You know, like how in Xmen, there's New Xmen, Uncanny Xmen and so many more, along with House of M etcc.. omg. I'm such a fanboy *facepalm* I swear sometimes I should be a guy. BUT THEN i love shoes and bags and makeup too much.

Number Three Unusual Fetish - Messy .....Then Neat
I have this weird habit of messing up something (for example my desk), then taking great satifaction in clearning it up after everything. Ok it may SEEM like OCD or soemthing but it's not, cause sometimes I'm perfectly fine with it being messy and I just heck care it. But most of the time, I just LOVE messing up my desk, my bookshelf, my drawer, before happily arranging everything neatly and nicely again. Weird thing is when I was young, I hated spring cleaning. BUT NOW I LOVE IT, to the point I do it almost every week. O_O

Now I think I'm damn weird. OMGAWWDDDD

The last (FOUR) Digits of your HP number

one two eight one. 

hahaha I feel retarded but I think I should at least finish this damn 10 Day Tumblr Challenge. Oh and I went to the Nex today, and it was AWESOME. I bought so much shit that I was deliriously high for the next few hours after I came back. AND THE BEST PART, MOTHER PAID! muahahahah but I can forsee that in the near future, she will come and kb me when she's angry about how she spends so much on me etcc... But I need work clothes for my internship, I need to conceal my dark eye rings, I need clothes to wear! :D:D 
But on a good note, I CAN FINAL-MOTHERFUCKING-LY FIT INTO G2000 STRAIGHT CUT OFFICE SKIRTS. like last time 42 would be too tight. I can fit into a 38 now! (ok prob 40 for smaller cuts). BUT FYEAH. 
claire ♥
29 November 2010 @ 02:59 pm
Hmmmm, actually I have no fucking idea what I want to buy. I know I'm lacking work clothes, clothes, shoes, accessories and everything else. But there's nothing special that I REALLY want to buy.


Ok I TOTALLY forgot that I wanted to get this, obviously I cannot afford it now,  but once I have the money to buy it, IM TOTALLY OWNING IT.
1. Prada Saffiano Metal Oro Calf Leather
it's so pretty and classy! costs about USD470! 

2. Ipod Touch

Yeah I need one so that I can play games and watch movies when I'm bored, especially during the 1.5 hour long bus ride to and fro work. GAHHH but I'm not really an Apple fan, so even though my parents offered to get it for me, there's reluctance ):

(omg while typing, I realise the veins in my hands are popping out. omfg, getting old)

AND SHOULD I GO TO BUTTER OR ZOUK? THIS WED? sigh decisions, decisions, decisions. 

claire ♥
28 November 2010 @ 09:52 pm
One most recent picture of myself

I was extremely tempted not to go ahead and do this tumblr challenge, especially when I saw that you had to upload a picture of yourself -.- But I've never attempted to do such a challenge before, and I doubt I could and complete those 30 day challenges. Hope I actually manage to complete it!

claire ♥
28 November 2010 @ 09:37 pm

but I'm doing it on Livejournal -.- and all at once. 
I know I'm weird. 
claire ♥
02 April 2000 @ 08:13 am


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