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10 December 2010 @ 10:06 pm
day 9 - open any music player, press shuffle nine times, list the song and why u like/dislike it  
1. BEAST - V.I.U 
ok this is a korean song by the boyband Beast, haha I'm currently damn into them :D But i think all are younger than me. WTF right. I like this song cause it's pretty sweet and has a catchy beat. Btw, V.I.U means Very Important You. Haha it's damn awww in a cheesy way

2. Yoseob and Gayoon - If You Want to Be My Lover
Ok this mp3 was only 3 seconds long O_O, downloaded wrongly... haha I don't really listen to this song, but it's a korean song with sweet lyrics.

3. James Blunt - Stay The Night
Though it's in my music player, I dont listen to it. But now that I am, it's a nice song! 

4. A Fine Frenzy - Goodbye My Almost Lover
I cheated, actually it was yet another korean song, so I skipped one more and this song came out! Love this song, it's so goddamn emoooo.

Goodbye, my almost lover
Goodbye, my hopeless dream
I’m trying not to think about you
Can’t you just let me be?
So long, my luckless romance
My back is turned on you
I should’ve known you’d bring me heartache
Almost lovers always do

5. I.S. - New Stage
Ok yet another Korean song -.- But this is a more underrated rock band rather than your usual kpop fare. It sounds like a Jpop song. Love it :D

6. Chemistry - Period
Holy crap, ok I was totally obsessed with this song during my last internship. I always put it on repeat mode. This was the third opening for Full Alchemist Brotherhood. Haha that was when I started watching anime. Interestingly, the duo "Chemistry" was invited to the MAMA awards, the Korean music awards, and when I was watching them perform, it didn't hit me that they were the ones who performed this song. It only occurred to me the next day. HAHA It's a Japanese song. and i love it to death

7. Shinee - Hello
OMG ANOTHER NON-ENGLISH SONG. i thought i had shit lots of english songs in my mp3 O_O Ok, don't really fancy this song but it's catchy.  And it's sung by hot/cute boys who are YOUNGER THAN ME. Hello hello~~

8. Katy Perry - Fireworks
Ok cheated again, was supposed to be another korean song, but I got fed up =.= haha yup love this song too! It's actually meaningful and she has fireworks shooting out of her boobs! Ok la, it's her heart. Boom boom boom even brighter than the moon moon moon~~

Cheated again, shuffled lots of times as I am determined to make the last song something I REALLY REALLY LIKE.
First: SDN48 - some girlgroup in Japan that has fucking 48 members, crazy.
Second: Iconiq, another Japanese female singer whose songs I like actually.
Third: Lee DeWyze - Sweet Seredipity, nice song but it's something I really really like. 
Fourth: AS - To You, yet another Japanese song, omg my mp3 is filled with korean and jap songs O_O but i love this song tho.
Fifth: Waka Flocka Flame, I don't even bother listening to this haha
6th: Another song by SDN48
7th: Kara - Lupin, the Japanese version, like this song too!
8th: Train - If it's Love, ok never really listen to it too
9th: Check it out - hate this song -.-
10th: N-dubz - Best Behavior, I'm OKAY with this song
11th: G.Na - Loving You, yet another Korean song, this singer has a great voice though

- pressed shuffle a lot of times by now, im damn pissed, not recording anymore-

9. The Saturdays - Higher

I'm doing nothing,
Cause then at least I'm doing nothing wrong.
And I'm gonna stay here on my own
And turn off my telephone,
If nothing's gained, nothing's won

And you can tell them
Yeah you can say whatever I dont care (eh)
Then if you wanna play it cool
Then I got news for you its getting hotter, hotter in here.

So when I speak listen
This is my decision
And you keep on messing up the words oh oh.
So when I speak listen cause you keep on pushing like I need permission to be heard.
Im gonna lift to lift it higher, Im gonna lift to lift it higher.
So when I speak listen this is my decision
And you keep on messing up the words.