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01 December 2010 @ 01:57 am
Day (five)  
Ok since I can't sleep and I'm going Zouk/Butter in the night, which means I won't be in a conscious state of mine to blog, I shall do Day FIVE in advance! \o/ This post is gonna be totally fangirl-ish.

(FIVE) celebrities you adore (not in any order) 

1. Johnny Fucking Depp - how can anyone not LOVE him? He's a damn fucking good actor, he takes on weird but interesting roles, he's hot for an old man, and I don't see or hear him cheating on his girlfriend. Ok they have two kids, but apparently they're not married. BUT HE'S FAITHFUL DAMMNIT. (i hope). Anyway he's awesome, I liked him since Sleepy Hallow, and I still like him now. 

2.  Natalie Portman - since I love Star Wars, I love the actors too! Ok I was crazy over Hayden Christensen and her, but the former has faded into obscurity. Not that she's damn popular or what, but she's smart too! "I'd rather be smart than a movie star." She has a degree in psychology from Harvard. Woman, I applaud you. You are smart and pretty! And you got your priorities right. 

3. Christian Bale - Holy fuckery. I think he's an amazing actor too. I love his shows. Batman. Terminator. Prestige. Public Enemies. American Psycho. OHMYGAWDDD AND HE'S HOT. AND HE'S BRITISH. AND HE CAN MIMIC A PERFECTLY GOOD AMERICAN ACCENT. I CAN'T WAIT TILL THE LAST BATMAN MOVIE IN 2012. 

4. Heath Ledger- SOBS. I just watched Ten Things I Hate About You again, and it was just so sad to see him on the laptop screen. He had such a bright future, I remember being such a fan of his after watching Ten Things I Hate About You. It was the first movie on VCD that I bought with the money I saved up. He was bloody brilliant in The Dark Knight as Joker. The scene where he was in a nurse's uniform was hilarious yet creepy :D I remember after his death, when he got a posthumous Oscar for Best Supporting Actor, I was literally bawling when his wife gave the Thank You speech )': it was so sad! 

5. Ok I thought we were talking about actors and not celebrities -.- Okay there's a lot of celebrities I adore. So I shall just list the rest here. HAHA. Harry Potter Cast, Lord of the Rings Cast, 2NE1, Beast, Linkin Park. I cannot think of anymore, I know im cheating, but who cares. :D:D