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[22 Aug 2007|08:01pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Yay No.1 - Get my dresings off tomorrow :D

Yay No.2 - Got an interview at FYEO on Friday :D

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[17 Aug 2007|09:40pm]
[ mood | sad ]

Stuart Assiratti
1967 - 2007

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[08 Aug 2007|12:51pm]
[ mood | worried ]

Got my op on Friday

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[05 Aug 2007|11:24pm]
[ mood | pleased ]

Just got back from Kate *ahem* Dale and Lauras engagement party. It was cool, they had a good dico with karaoke and a yummy buffet and everyone was having fun.

I'm so glad that he's found someone nice to share his life with :)

Love you Kate Dale! Lol XXX

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[04 Aug 2007|03:36pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Yesterday was fuuun :D I went up to Cardiff to meet my cousin for a few hours 'cos he's leaving today. We went for lunch and he told me about some of the gigs he's done and people he's met. He's ruined my idea of Justin Trousersnake though, aparantly he's very small ! He did say that he's a really lovely bloke though. After food we went for a wander around some of the shops and the market for a while, then he had to go 'cos of work - boo! :( But he did say I can go and stay with him anytime, and take Cujo, which is awesome :)

Today I haven't really done fuck all. Just bumming aorund before work tonight. Matt has his first night in his new job today too - yay! Just hope he gets paid soon lol.

Oh, actually, I did do one thing today - ordered about £100 worth of stuff from the catalogue. Oops. Oh well, I need these things! And two of them are presents... started my xmas shopping, woot!

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[02 Aug 2007|01:34am]
[ mood | impressed ]

Guess where I've been tonight?

To see "Never Forget" with a free ticket courtesy of my favourite cousin! :D

He works doing special effects and stuff, and is doing the tour - lighting, pyrotechnics, water effects, etc. He gets a few free tickets to give to clients or whatever, but he gave these to me, my parents, and I took Martin too.

It was awesome! A really good show and I definitely recommend it to be well worth a watch. The effects were awesome, the cast brilliant and good singers, and the story was really well done. I really didn't think it would be that good.

I've had a really good night :)

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Harris [30 Jul 2007|02:29pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Meet the newest member of my household, Harris...

This is the best pic I've got so far, as the little bugger wont stay still! <3

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[25 Jul 2007|11:21am]
[ mood | relieved ]

Guess who's back in her cage, slightly startled and looking a bit sorry for herself? :D :D :D The food worked!

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[25 Jul 2007|10:52am]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Last night Matt left a chocolate treat behind the bath... and today it is gone! So J-Lo must be there! Putting her food bowl in there now to try and intice her out!

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[24 Jul 2007|04:35pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Still no sign of J-Lo :( I'm worried she's behind the bath, as a bird got stuck in there before and I thought I heard something there :S

To cheer me up my dad got me new fish today :D I got 2 black fantails and 2 silver fantails. My dad named one of the black ones Black Eye Bob...! Matt named the other black Shifty, my mum named one silver Phantom, and I've yet to name the last one. I'll post a pic soon, can't yet, as they're getting used to thier new home and hiding in plants at the moment!

Going up to Matts mothers tomorrow, so get to see lots of doggies and kitties, yay! Not sure what's happening with Harris though.

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[23 Jul 2007|03:00pm]
[ mood | worried ]

I came home from work last night to find that Matt had left J-Lo's cage door open. Stupid twat. I can't find her anywhere :( I hope she hasn't somehow got out of the flat, but I can't find her, I haven't heard her, nothing. I don't know what to do :S

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[10 Jul 2007|05:52pm]
[ mood | okay ]

On Sunday, me, Matt, Alex, Cassie, Shaun and Lydia went to Porthcawl for the day. So much fun! We had fish and chips for lunch by the bowling green (and got told off for putting our feet on the lawn!) and then spent the day around the fair. Alex won Cassie a cute doggie toy on a crane game, and Matt won me a cute penguin toy on a darts game :D The only ride we could all decide to go on was the ghost train. Shaun wouldn't go on 'cos he said it was a waste of £2. He was right! Spent the whole way round laughing, it was so crap! Cassie couldn't go on hardly anything (being preggo an' all) so they watched while me and Matt went on the big roller coaster. Scary! not 'cos of the ride, 'cos of the clunking noises that made me think it was going to break! (We all know about the rides down there...) They also watched us on the Waltzers. My fave. ride! Made me feel a bit queasy though ha ha. Then we went and got candy floss (aparantly pink is illegal now, but I found some anyway) and donuts. After we'd all wasted our money we went down onto the beach to see the donkeys and ponies. I wish I hadn't though - they're in terrible condition and it made me really upset :( two chavvy guys were looking after them and they obviously have no clue. They had no shelter, were losing hair, had cuts and scabs, and just looked really unhappy. I can't belive people were actually paying for thier kids to ride them. Surely they've been reported before? Well, they will be now....
Good job I had to go back for work anyway 'cos me and Matt wasted a stupid amount of money! 

Today I was supposed to have my survey on my kitchen and bathroom, but guess what? Yep, they didn't turn up. Typical. I swear I'll never get mine done at this rate! It's been months since I first had the letter through, I've made countless phone calls... I can see this being such a pain in the arse, as I've heard loads of complaints from people who've had thiers done. I just want it done now! Can't wait till they're all nice.

Oh, side note - had my uni results and confirmation though, looking forward to going back!:)

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[29 Jun 2007|12:38am]
[ mood | excited ]

Cassie is pregnant! :D

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[27 Jun 2007|12:57am]
[ mood | content ]

Today has been a quiet but good day. Matt came down and met me by the river. I'd walked Cujo and Wisky up there and they were having fun playing in the water and chasing stuff. We took the dogs home and then went to Tesco to do some food shopping. All we did after that was go on the net and have food. We took Cujo to the park after for a bit and then we settled down to watch Hannibal Rising. Except I couldn't get the second half to play because the remote has no batteries in it. Grrr! But today has been nice even though quiet :)

Bed time now I thinky.

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[22 Jun 2007|04:01pm]
[ mood | bored ]

So... I don't really have anything to say. Just posting because I intend to keep it up again.

Did I mention I got a new hamster a couple of months ago? Will have to make a post about that.

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[19 Jun 2007|08:08pm]
[ mood | working ]

If I'm in the mood to clean, I quite like making my place all sparkly, but when I'm not I hate it :( So far it's taken me over an hour to clean the kitchen (I have watched Eastenders and been online too mind :P). I want to be able to afford a cleaner. Or just not have so much stuff. I have so many things. Maybe I should be a bit more ruthless with things I throw out or get rid of. Do I really need all this stuff? From where I'm sitting I can see: an iron (it's broken, not got round to replacing it yet), an animal cage with nothing in it (why is it not in the cupboard?) and a ball of wool (???!!!) to name a few things. Why?!

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[18 Jun 2007|01:24am]
[ mood | cranky ]

I'm sorry Mark :(

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[17 Jun 2007|04:14pm]
[ mood | creative ]

I want to revamp my LJ. Ideas/help anyone?

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WOOT! [16 Jun 2007|05:13pm]
[ mood | pleased ]


Last night went up Alexs. There was Alex, Cassie, Shaun, Lydia, Hannah, Leanne and me and Matt. We listened to music and got pissed and twas much fun :) Shaun had not mentioned that it was his birthday! Got to go get him something! Cujo was very happy too as he got lots of fusses off everyone!

Working tonight.... bleh. Matt is at his cousins wedding. Slightly gutted that I don't get to watch him in his suit all day, he looks hot in it! Think he's coming to town tonight though so hopefully he wont change first! He he!

That's all for today! :)

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[15 Jun 2007|02:33pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Well. After my last post I first had computer problems and then phoneline problems, so only been online briefly a couple of times. Now, although pc and phone working, until I get a new package I'm stuck on here with dial up paying by the minute. Joy.

I did have loads of stuff to update with, but now I'm here nothing is coming to mind! Ha. 

Sorry I haven't been reading peoples LJs and stuff, I did see a couple of people posting saying noone was reading thiers. Well I do!

Hmm. Going out tonight or something so maybe I'll have an update tomorrow!

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