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04:53pm 01/11/2005
  waa, halloween was fun. draculas ball was way too crowded tho >.< that was no good. but getting to chill with some of my buddies was a fun time. here are some of the few pics i got, yes most are just to document my makeup XD. i was 'the teachers pet' btw. the leash to my collar broke since so many people enjoy pulling on it >.<
Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com
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Philadelphia Lolita Meetup 2.0!   
05:44pm 09/10/2005
  HELLO! Since the first Philadelphia lolita meetup was such a blast I am planning another, and just in time for halloween! Come meet other lolis in the area and show off your latest ensamble!

We will be meeting at the same place : the 'Pink Rose' pastry shop http://pinkrosepastry.com/homepage.jhtml
If enough people RSVP for this meetup I will rent out the whole shop, it is quite small but a beautiful place to have a tea party.

The plan is to have lunch at the Pink Rose and talk loli for a while then tour south street and take pictures. At the last meetup some of us stayed in Philly until about 11 pm so I will be sure to find something fun to do for the night.

Costumes are optional but encouraged. Normal cosplayers are also welcome!

Starts At: noon

Meeting Place: The Pink Rose, 630 South Fourth Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19147, US

Date: October 29 (saturday)

My e-mail is Cattygoddess12@aol.com and my aim is Cattygoddess12
Please contact me if you have any questions. It would be great if you could tell me if you can come for sure and how many people you are bringing so i can make reservations at the pink rose!
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best ever   
10:48pm 21/09/2005
  best ever

Video code provided by HotCodez.com

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fun times late at night   
01:37am 10/07/2005
mood: crazy
im going to post in this more often damnit all!!! how about i make this a picture diary... mmm, this might be fun ^_^

right now im OWNING people in online scrabble, looking at gay porn thanks to jonny, and listening to moi dix mois. fun times indeed. my friend brian might come over tommorow and teach me how to be a techno dj, very exciting.

here are some insane half nood pics and pics from my nyc photo shoot, mwahaha

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some fun pics   
07:54pm 09/07/2005
  these are some pics i took for fun today. i made the whole pink/black ensamble and the blue and black cross skirt. showin off the shirt i got at good will, bwahaha!

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cheap lolita stuff   
05:42pm 08/07/2005
  i went to good will today and picked up a few really nice things for really cheap. all the shirts were 3$ a piece and are in beautiful condition.
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dont mind me going absolutley crazy, im not in a good mood   
08:29pm 14/04/2005
  today i am an angry person. nothing is going well. im sick, im extremley sore from pilates, there are tons of things that should be done that arent cause my mother is a lazy ass child who doesnt know what responsibility is, i have lots of work to do this weekend, i messed up the inuyasha costume im making for someone and now much do it over again.....LIFE HATES MEEEEE!!!

its going to be like this all summer, acctually, its going to be worse. why you may ask? well, right now i at least have a few free hours in the day to sit around and do nothing, in the summer it will be all work, all stress, all the time. i have jobs EVERYWHERE and since my mom is such an airhead i will have to do most of the sewing and ALL of the organizing for the events we are doing. when im not doing this i will be trying franticly to keep up with my school work, no hopes of a social life what so ever. balancing all this and still trying to stay in good physical and mental condition for my performances.

some people think my life is cool and exciting. in reality, it sucks. it sucks hard. but there is no other place for me. when i visit notmal schools and colleges i see how i could never fit in. my mind is on such a different level than even most adults. i was talking to my dad about this in the car. he told me that it would always be hard for me to find friends and relationships and that i would never 'fit in'.

i wonder how long i will last without a break down.
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oh, the sappy melo drama!!   
11:52pm 07/04/2005
  i had a teeeerrible day today!!! i have been very happy for the past year or so. not much crying, lots of smiles and fun times. but there are and always will be days like today every once in a while. my body has felt weak for the past sevral days, i can barley keep myself up. i almost fell over at dance practice today. my happiness had been drained away with my strength it would seem.
at the oc they kept playing around with video cameras, getting a few shots of me just hanging out. i watched a few clips and realized how much weight i have gained, that alone was enough to make me cry. it may seem i have undieing self confidence sometimes and for the most part i do but looks have always been a sensitive issue for me. when i was in school i was labeled 'the fat kid', even my parents kept telling me i was fat when in reality i was only a few pounds overweight. not until i started dancing did i think alright of myself, thats when people started calling me beautiful.
i think its all the work thats getting to me. i do many things and i barley have time to have fun, REAL fun, not my defenition of fun which is learning japanese or researching stuff online. im alone all the time, i dont really have friends anymore. the ones i did have just sort of faded awayin the past few months. roger is the only person i hang out with these days and its a rarity since he works a lot and hass classes.
i think its the lonliness that really got to me today. i love hanging out with people, the best times of my life are when im at cons or festivals with people who are smart and funny and like the things i like.
i cried for two hours this afternoon. i did it in the shower with music on really loud. i dont like having my parents know when im sad. they dont really have time to comfort and support me with my sister being the way she is and the last time i showed my emotions they sent me to a shrink. so i keep to myself, no one sees me cry.
saying i want a relationship would be asking too much. i just want someone who will hug me and make me feel safe, right now i have no one who can do that for me. for a person whos biggest fear is to be alone i sure do spend a lot of time by myself.
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more wa-lolita   
10:55pm 29/03/2005
  same lolita i posted a few days ago but modeled with another one i made. these pictures were taken at a photo shoot for my website. the girl in the pink is juujuu (herwebsite- countjuu.com). shes so cuuuuute ^_^ enjoy!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com
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01:29pm 25/03/2005
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01:26pm 25/03/2005
  heres my first try at wa-lolita, please tell me what you think. i made everything but the corset ^_^!!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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disturbingly cute   
06:26pm 16/03/2005
  here is one of my baby doll lolita outfits. im gonna edit some of these pics for my website. what do you think?? o.o i also threw a cool pic of me in my gardenia mana costume in. same white ballerina dress.

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EGL store and BLOOD cds   
02:50pm 16/03/2005
my egl online shop is going to be up soon!! i will post some pictures of some of the things i will be selling today or tomorow. it will open sometime in april at 'petitecherie.com'
also, since so many of you took an interest in the BLOOD interview i thought it would be nice to let you be the first to know that i am going to be the only vendor in the US to sell BLOOD cds.
the prices are 25$ for the funeral for humanity CD and 50$ for the vengance for blood cd&dvd set. they will be coming in sometime in april. i have limited numbers so if you would like to order one ahead of time, please e-mail me (cattygoddess12@aol.com).
i will be selling them on my website(once its open) and at my booths at anime next and otakon.
new design   
01:31am 22/02/2005
  here is a new design i came up with for teh j-rock band. tell me what you think. and please, PLEASE dont copy! Read more...Collapse )  
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happe valentines!   
01:14pm 14/02/2005
mood: relaxed
tis valentines day once again. spending it alone once again. on valentines day i always reflect on how the old year was and how the new one is going. im usually sad on this day but today i am happy. my life is going so well so for once i can say that i am truley happy. i find myself smiling all the time and its been at least a month or two since i have had to cry myself to sleep.

last night was najias valentines belly dance ball. i performed twice in her troupe and once as a soloist. everyone thought i was the best dancer there. during my solo performance the room was silent, with the exception of gasps. and when i ended (in an extremley deep back bend which i held for 30 seconds) there was a pause, then WILD cheering. in my opinion i hadnt done my best but aparently it didnt matter.

the night before that i had my job at the oasis grille. lots of egyptians were there. they were all very impressed by my dancing. this is a huge compliment to me because they have totally different standards than americans do. they grow up watching thier dancers like we watch actors on tv shows. many of them asked for my contact info and want me for private parties.

kiwamu, the lead guitarist of BLOOD (cool j-rock band, check out their website curecreate.com) has voiced an interest in my costume designs and wants to see my portfolio. hopefully i will design costumes for their live shows ^_^!!!
my life is happening!   
02:37am 11/02/2005
mood: crazy
im so excited. things are happening for me. big things. the japanese band got the draculas ball gig cause of me and rog. and they want to see my costume portfolio... A J-ROCK BAND WANTS ME TO MAKE COSTUMES FOR THEM!!!! ~dies~ im just.... amazed. fashion shows... stores... fans... im getting to be quite the secret celebrity... my modeling career is also starting up again!! im going to be in a few upcoming photo shoots and fashion shows ^_^!!
09:16pm 05/02/2005

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09:06pm 05/02/2005
mood: confused
im back from fl. not very happy. im starting to really not like going. the travel makes me horribly sick and i end up doing absolutley nothing while im down there. its really driving me insane. hopefully i can stay with britte in her new appartment for the next few times my parents are planning on going ^_^.

in other news! im soooo excited about katsucon! ITS GONNA BE AWSOME!!! molesting fan girls! YAY! i have a few really great costumes lined up. im also getting lots of commissions for animenext and otakon! yay!
lolita/cosplay meetup   
01:23pm 03/02/2005
  Hey!! I have planned a fun meetup for cosplayers and lolitas. Anyone is welcome to come. This is a great chance to meet new friends with similar interests as yours. We will be meeting at The Pink Rose pastry shop for tea and introductions. Then we will head over to fabric row to look at the amazing fabric and jewelry stores(great for picking up supplies for your next costume). We will spend the rest of the day cruising South Street and its amazing gothic, punk, and vintage shops! Costumes/Lolita outfits are not required but highly encouraged. Bring cameras for photo ops!
DATE AND TIME: March 19th, Noon-5:00
12:47pm 27/01/2005
  it has been put off but i finally leave for florida today. i shall be back in a week or so! im taking a computer with me so i shall still update and talk with people.