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Getting information organized.

Notes to myself:

Item one. Make sure to find out what is going to be served at these little dinners ahead of time. *shudder*

Item two. After the dinner I had the other night, several things became clear. I will never score with get to know some of the male members of the crew physically better. They are obviously gay interested in other people things.

Item three. There is some dissension in the ranks. A mutiny appears to be brewing. Must align myself with whoever ends up on top.

Item four. I have learned that doctorphlox seems interested in getting horizontal. All is not lost. Interspecies relations are very important. Also, keep trying with jonathan_archer. I may get somewhere yet.

A further note. doctorbashir is on this thing too and seems to be as horny charming as ever. Q interfered with our little rendezvous the last time. Right now he appears to be busy screwing _picard_ and co.. So I'll have to be sure to look up the good doctor some time.
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