Still on DS9...

And bored out of my mind. I have stolen highly valuable items to offload here, and no auctions scheduled. Just where is that damn Ferengi, anyway?
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*ponders leaving her room while there is a lizard outbreak to look for some action* Better not. They might find out that the lizards are all my fault I'm not really supposed to be here. Yet Jean-Luc hasn't actually told me to leave yet, so...

*decides to raid the computer again*

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What? Yeah right! I'm worth way more than a hundred and twelve bucks! Bastards. Who comes up with these things anyway? It had to be Q. The Ferengi was a huge tip-off.
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to do list/ courtesy of ladyvivien, scheming

Not going according to plan.

I need to get laid cracking on my plans for this trip. First I have to locate _picard_'s quarters the computer is your friend, it will tell you almost anything. Then I can screw talk to him again. If _lore_ has managed to locate a penis by now, perhaps I can arrange to track him down and shag get to know him better. He'd better be as fully functional as they say he is.
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There's no time like the present.

It looks like there is never going to be a let up of traffic around here. Getting out without anyone noticing will not be easy. But I love a good challenge.

If an opportunity won't present itself, you have to create one is what I always say. And I'm nothing if not resourceful. The rest of the time travelers can find their own way home. It doesn't look like they are exactly trying very hard, anyway.

But me? I'm outta here.
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I'm with ms_q on this one. Are there any straight the men on the ship, or what? I mean, this is getting ridiculous.

On the other hand, I'm strangely more relieved than I thought I would be that jonathan_archer got back in one piece. And I still want to know what happened to my stuff!

What happened to my stuff?

This is fucking wonderful. I've spent days looking for certain items that have apparently disappeared into thin air. I risk plummeting to my death in a pool of sentient slime and lizard creatures just for the lovely joy yeah right of dodging irate crew members while searching for stuff that isn't here. The clowns around here had better not have taken my stuff not that they'd even know what to do with it if they did. If any of them had even thought to ask me, I could have told them what the writing in the temples said. Idiots.

This place is losing its charm fast weird. And to top it all off, I think I need a visit to sickbay. *shudder* I'd almost rather have Bev and her more modern medicine right now. Not that eels both me--I've dealt with worse. I just hope they can fix me. This mark on my arm is starting to get nasty. *absently rubs a swollen red and purple crescent that is starting to harden*
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Oookay then.

Some kid gets on Jean-Luc's terminal over here, somehow knowing that I'd be there to receive the transmission, from the future no less, and wants to talk to me. Ok, I'll buy that, because that's the kind of place this is. But she wants to know if I'm her mother? What a joke.

But why. That's the thing. I have to know. She was checking Jean-Luc's records. And she wanted to know if we had a relationship...*laughs*. Oh my. The poor girl thinks she's Jean-Luc's kid? That's almost as outrageous an idea that I'm her mom. I'd really like to know where she picked up that thought at.

*laughs again*

Jean-Luc Picard as someone's daddy. It'd take an act of god for that to happen. All I can say is, if it's true, I feel sorry for the both of them. She seemed like a rather feisty kid. Oh. And I'd love to see the look on his face when she tells him. I would actually pay to see that.

But it's not likely, and it's not my problem. I have a little trip to the planet's surface to prepare for. Finally this jaunt to the past is going to start to pay off in a big way. At least it had better. I had to put up with a retarded android and pineapple for this, among other things. *shudder*
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The only way to get something done... to do it yourself. So, I found out which quarters Jean-Luc is using while he's here. If Jonathan is going to use me as a little relief from Malcolm, then I'm going to use Jean-Luc for a little something myself.

I think it's time to pay him a visit...