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things i am working on:

my posture,
a 3 minute film with my friend billy from new york,
Mission Underground Film Festival,
putting together a nation wide film tour with mallary (also in new york),
my wedding,
road trip down to la this weekend,
finding a new job,
gallery multimedia installation with Kendra,
and right now I need to get off the computer and make dinner.

Feb. 22nd, 2010

haha. I just realized livejournal headquarters is two blocks away from where I'm at right now.


Jesse and I are getting married!!!

I put together another show. It's taking place this Friday. I'll be on the radio this thursday talking about it.
The artists involved are awesome and range from well known avant garde filmmakers to newbies and me :-D
I'll write more on the making of this show later... once it's done and well over with. 

In other news, my favorite cousin, smithers, is moving up to sf. I'm really estatic about this piece of news. I often feel distant from my early years and recently have been having trouble feeling comfortable with my surroundings. What I mean by that is that SF is full of white people and their culture. My people's culture is marginalized and I have VERY few people to connect with/ relate to.  I have no one to speak spanish with and I don't think many people really get me. Anyway, I could go deeper into that but that's not what this paragraph is about. So, Smithers will be here in a couple months and everything will be awesome.


The past 6 months have been a "shit on Brenda" fest.  That stops this month. I'll pass on the shitty friends, tell the creepy stalkers to fuck off, I won't get disheartened about not finding a full-time job, I'll be bold when it comes to the situation between my father and I, and I'll stop living life as though people live forever. 

I'm not going to grow up to become a callous robot. I'll continue with my film, continue with my curating, I won't abandon my paintings, and I won't forget about all the photograph ideas my beautiful imagination conceives.

9 years

 Us nine years later.

Im at home right now because there was no space for me in the short format screenwriting class i was hoping to get into this semester.  there is still another chance this evening. not for short format screenwriting but for the regular screenwriting class with McBride, whom i have read many bad things about. 

i took another ecological footprint test today and it told me that we would need 1.3 planets if everyone lived like me. this is really bad but i know its significantly smaller than the average american since i only take up 6 biologically productive acres as opposed to the average person in this country that takes up 24. statistics like these really discourage me because i feel like theres so many people out there not even trying which make me fell like my efforts are not even significant in the larger scale of things.  it also pisses me off in the sense that they live their lives anxiety free (in the sense of not having to read labels, figure out when the next bus arrives, going out of their way to buy local and organic, etc.) and get to indulge themselves into more comfortable decisions in life. 

in other news, Ismael is starting private school next week because his grades are lagging, Emily started pre-school this week, i am really enjoying my classes this semester and today is a spare the air day in san francisco.



What I want more than anything right now is to have access to a photo lab instead of taking my rolls to wolf camera. they wont care for them the way i would.


I love the city i live in. ive been here for months now and still have not finished seeing all there is to see. Dont get me wrong. its not like i dont go out and explore, its just there's so many dimensions within this city. Today i visited potrero hill (a district within sf) to pick up a stool i found on craigslist. That's its picture below. Guess how much i paid for it...... it was only five bucks and in great condition! i got it from this interesting guy that takes professional photographs http://www.peterbelanger.com. ok, back to potrero hill. i think if we move next year potrero hill will be the place we go. 

In other news, I had an AWESOME thanksgiving break! best one in years. i will post pics up later. 
How was yours?