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i loooove my ipod.
and i love that it actually makes me want to go to te gym.

we'll see how long that lasts however.

ps. i put pictuers of new years up on myspace. me and corin got drunkish (not totally drunk) off of $7 champagne, and fred and dan did irish car bombs. Actually, I am pretty sure I drank alot of vanilla vodka too. And i might have been the only one ? Ah well.

pps. sidekicks fucking suck. I have had 4 in the past 7 months. Another one is broke. It just won't charge, AFTER they gave me a brand new battery for free @ the mall. So its a bust.

AND AND AND. download the song im listening to, im addicted. so much better than the orignal by New Order. ♥
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