_vanitynumber (_vanitynumber) wrote,

i really love weight watchers. i do. offically a year ago (since having sean) I have lost 74lbs.. thats good right- well fuck that birthday because i ate some and didnt count the points.

sorry i needed one day off the plan.
and i need time for the gym.

im getting tattoooooed friday, hopefully if i get the time off from work, and im almost done with christmas shopping for sean. I just want to get him a gorilla biscuits hoodie and im done, serious this time.

want to hear something your boyfriend shouldn't do.. 
ruin a christmas suprise.

me: "ok fred whatever you say. Im just tired of fighting all the time"
fred "whatever thanks for the signed larry bird basketball whore"

uh.. really. its funny but the name calling didn't bother me, him snooping through my emails and ebay acct. pissed me off and then couldn't even lie about it to make sure my feelings didn't get hurt. THEN says "Oh I just guessed" Yeah because Walmart and Target carry autographed basketballs on the shelves. 


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