_vanitynumber (_vanitynumber) wrote,

 Brian Setzers Christmas show was easily the best thing Ive ever seen in my life...well besides Sean being born and all that. I had an amazing time. Plus my outfit was kind of sexy- even if I did resemble a fat bumblebee! haha.

Also if you arent on my myspace can i pleaseeee have your address I am sending out Christmas cards out soon and would love to send out all the ones i bought. plus i think its a good way to stay in touch with people.
if you dont want to list it here send it to nicoleamber00@tmail.com

ah back to work i go.
having a 1 year old makes me be excited about christmas in a different way that usual.
i love it. his brithday on the other hand is hectic. and i should of just bought cake. and threw it on the table. but thats not my style.
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