_vanitynumber (_vanitynumber) wrote,

so i came back from the doctors, and my tonsils are prodominant he said.... no shit. They always are.
also, my throat is sore, that I knew.
I really like my doctor though. But man my throat is sore, and I need to do salt water gurgles 4x a day. Jeez.

out to dinner with my granmother,brother and father and freds mom for my grandmothers birthday.
Freds mom is down for the weekend, which I love. She is so nice and its funny when we pick on Fred sometimes, but she is very easy going and very easy to get along with. Also, she is taking the baby tonight. I don't mind- with me feeling crummy, it might be better to get some sleep and relax. 

I wish my week off wasn't almost over. :(
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