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i've been on weightwatchers for 5weeks, and have lost 15lbs so far. not bad i guess...
im being impatient. Fred has lost 20lbs and eats pizza, ribs, burgers, and ice cream... and still loses. So I decided maybe I was on a plateu and ate a slice of pizza, and had one of those hot chocolates from dunkin dounuts, the white with raspberry... so good- but now i feel sick. either way, i was down another 2lbs today.. so maybe thats what i needed.

anyway, sean went for his 4shots, and it was so sad to seem him get stuck like that. he screamed bloody murder after the 2nd one. The dr. said he is developing so well with his head movements and hips and weight/length. He is 13lbs and 13oz. already and over 24inches long. hes getting so big. 

NH was more than fun last weekend. It made us reconsider alot. Since Doug got out of the hospital this week, and hes doing fantastic.. eating better, walking around, and got a new computer and everything to keep himself busy we are going to save every penny we don't need to try to pay off alot of our car, and move up to NH, or Mass. within a year. We've said it before yeah, yeah...but I need to finish school and nursing school down here is a 2 year waiting list, and i can't wait for that. So... we just need to do a lot of saving and planning that is for sure. So we are excited about the possibility happening in the near future. We are just worried about jobs. Our jobs pay pretty well, I get insurance for me and Sean and if me and Fred ever got married him as well and they are very convienent. But, hopefully we will find OK jobs if we move. 

We just feel more at peace when we aren't packed in our rooms in CT, and depressed. We fight more, we are more stressed with each other or any little problem...ah, who knows.

Anyway heres my puddin' pop.

fat fat the water rat <3
i think that von dutch shirt is a rip off. oh well.

doug and sean
its the day he got out of the hospital.
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