November 26th, 2007

the love of my life

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 i really need to just grow the fuck up.
or just find a balance from being responsible and still having fun. 

I think Ive done a good job in the past few months taking out all the negative in my life and trying to have only good people and good things around me and my family. I look back at my entries and I am all about "poor me" but I think.. things can be so much worse.

Christmas is soon and I am estatic, just for bringing Sean to see Santa and making cookies, and little things like that. I know I have family like my grandmothers and parents and aunts and uncles- but its weird... now me and fred are starting our own family with our friends who have kids and i feel kind of like a grown up. i like it. haha .

Fred and my brother are dressing up as Pablo and Tyrone for Seans birthday. They are characters from The Backyardigans. I know if my marypie and my other girls from Boston where able to make it down for his bday they would all dress up for him. Because you guys are awesome like that .

Other than that, things aren't really exciting.... work,sean,work.. school start backs up in September- fred wants me to stop working so I can go to school full time. I don't know we will see- thats a huge paycut.. but nursing school takes alot of time. I don't know its a while away.

Oh and for all who care I have offically lost 70lbs. I want to lose likeeeee 50-60 more and I would be happy. Yeah yeah i know thats too much, bite me bitches I want to be a milf :) haha .
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