July 21st, 2007

the love of my life

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Ive been so busy, I dont even know where to start.
Me and Freddie are doing pretty well with this whole platonic living for now.
It isn't that I moved on to another person, its more of a "I want to be alone and worry about me and Sean for now", I told him that I was talking to someone, but it is more of a friendship... I dont want a relationship right now. I was just in a very long and complex one for three years...

I just hope things stay how they are, and we can still live together without it becoming weird. I know if he was to move away and live back in New Hampshire, I don't know what I would do. I would go nuts without seeing Sean, or him for that matter. But in a way I would see why he would want to (he says he doesnt, but if it were me , I would move back in 2 minutes). His friends and family are up there, and if that is what will make him happy, then I would tell him to go... Things could be worse. I love and respect him so much, but romantically it isn't there anymore. I should be more depressed and hurt. Two months ago I was engaged and planning a wedding, but I don't think its fair to go through with that and not be 100% happy, it wouldn't me fair to me, him and especially Sean. Hey, if people can have two mommies, or two daddies, or live with their grandparents, and other situations that aren't conventional.. then this is fine too I think.

School has been kicking my ass. So is working at the hospital, on top of my other job. I might go to the New Hampshire Tattoo Convention in Manchester next weekend.. .(CARLTON.......... HINT HINT SWEET TITS, come say hi. )

Sean still isn't crawling. He moves and goes nuts and I think he THINKS he is moving and going somewhere, but... no go. His new thing is, if you have a toy or something to get him to crawl and its on a blanket, he pulls the blanket towards him to get whatever is on there.. smartass.
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