June 9th, 2007

the love of my life

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i havent updated in a while.

its been a month since Doug passed away. Still... it hasn't hit me. I don't know maybe because there is so much going on I don't have time to sit and think about it, but whenever I hear "I'll follow you into the dark" by deathcab for cutie I still get that ball in my throat and ball my eyes out. I played it for my mom the other day and she started crying which isn't what I wanted..but she loved it.

Sean turned 6 months yesterday. we had a little party. I don't care, hes my son and I wanted to throw him 1/2 a birthday. It was alot of fun. He is growing up too fast. i like it, but I miss him being a little baby. Now hes getting so big, and being so interactive. He is in love with the backyardigans on Nick Jr. Its cute, and probably the only show I will let him watch unless we are watching a show on TV.

Hmm whatelse... school is going ok. Clinicals start in a couple weeks, so I am excited. Hopefully I will get into it more. Our apartment is coming along very nicely. Our living room is all done and so is the bedroom and bathroom, and Seans room. I just need to do the floors to the kitchen, which isn't too hard and I am really all set. Get a few more pictures here and there but little by litte I guess.

I am REALLY in need of a vaction. I know we are gonna be up to NH  for a few days. I think we might go camping with some of Freds friends, but Ehhh i don't know, I am not a camper kind of girl. I dont do well with that kind of surroundings. I like A/C and Sex and the City reruns and nice showers. I don't know... haha

I really want to go to Cape Cod, even for like 4 days. Just a long weekend. Someone whisper that to Fred for me. He isn't picking up on all the hints I am dropping.