April 2nd, 2007

the love of my life

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there is so much i can say but i don't want to make a fool out of you, or me... or what we've become.

the card is still sitting next to your xbox360 unopened and uncared about beause you are too lazy to turn the thing on, since its all too convienent to just use the controller. I thought that would be the perfect place for it... I guess not.
My dignitity is shattered. Thank you. Heres to a year lease, a little boy we have together, and a car we have 4 more years to pay on. I am stuck. You got me...I can't run away anymore because of all these responsibilities. Keep telling people things are Okay, I think you have said that so many times to everyone that you are just starting to believe it as well... and I think I might be following your lead. If I write it down about how much I love you, and I say it enough maybe I will start to believe it. Its calling faking it, Im sure you are use to that by now.