March 22nd, 2007

the love of my life

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I have a zillion things to do still
the painting is all done. I love the color of our room. its really pretty.
furniture comes tomorrow, we have so much packing to do still and we move...tomorrow. its just too much going on, I think I might of took too much on at once

-dougs really sick. so moving out wasnt the best option right now
-i start nursing school tuesday
-seans baptism is sunday, i ordered the cake and i just need to pick up lunch for 15 people.. and his white tux.
- we haven't done much packing at all like I wanted/planned on. So now we are freaking out because our room is completely like it was, im a little stressed.

I know by next week i will be sitting in living room sighing with relief when this is all over. im excited.
fred got a part time job at home depot. they wanted him full time, hopefully he can do that and leave his job now.. he gets benefits and everything. i think its a pretty good fit for him.

we dont get internet until the 29th... OMG. What am I going to do.

I get wireless though. hellz yeah.

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