March 16th, 2007

the love of my life

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We sign our lease tomorrow at 5pm!

Things are getting hectic.
Doug is back in the hospital and the drs. told my mom she needs to get her "affairs" in order, basically telling her to get a living will, and arrangements ready. Seriously, why Doug. In a way, I am happy that I am busy to even think about it. The abmbulance came on Sunday to get him again and that was the first time I really cried in front of people about it. It just shook me- here he is smiling while he is suffering. Its not even the same person. I hate knowing someone I care so much about is going through this. Yeah, its life and it happens to everyone eventually- and people do have it 10x worse... but I have never had to expierence it daily before.

I start school on the 23rd. I am going to be in the medical field. Weird.. but atleast going to work everyday in scrubs is a plus. Its at night, and i will be with Sean more this way.

Sean is being baptized the weekend we move, on the 25th! I am so excited, not because its really a baptism, but because I want to have a celebration for him, and plus the white tux/gowns they wear are adorable. 

Our move in date is the 23rd, and we have so much to do. Please, friends don't forget about us and please visit. I have nice healthy meals, and tons of board games to entertain you. 

I've been eating fast food like crazy. Luckily, no weight gain yet- but I am sure it will come and bite me in the ass, or whatever... I think once we are moved in it will be easier for me to get on track with things like that. I hate eating fast f ood but with everything going on we don't get home every night until 10pm... and Im not in bed until 2, and then I have to wake up for 6:30 for work. I can't wait until everything is over and done with.

I have tons of things to sell as well. I am going to try craigslist instead of ebay. fuck that place.

oh yeah anyone know where a good place to get frames is? I was going to go through or (25% all orders until today) but its not worth them framing it for me , its like $150 for a picture to be frames when I can do it for a 1/3 of the cost. Is Michaels any good??