February 14th, 2007

sophia bofia

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i think the LJ setup is cute for valentines day. you would think i would enjoy this "holiday", but really, I don't.  I have a boyfriend and I am in love, I get it, but I don't think you should have one day to celebrate that, if anything I like to show him more how much I appreciate our relationship on our anniversary. (which is next week). Ah, I don't know.. I think its just a silly holiday, like St. Patricks Day- its an excuse to get drunk, and Valentines day is an excuse to have a dozen red roses cost double the regualr price, and eat stale chocolate. Ok, maybe Im jealous I can't eat chocolate because I will over engorge.

we got our tax returns done, and thanks to sean we are getting back a lot of money. not kind of alot, but a good amount. Lucky too, our account is $175 overdrawn because of 3 checks I wrote almost 2 months ago and forgot about. Oh well, Fred gets paid today.. so far no over draft fee, and if we do get one, its $10.

lets see what else...
Borat is coming out on DVD in the begining of March, how exciting.
i stretched my ears to 9/16th, and bought Jesus Plugs for when I go up to 5/8ths. I don't think I can go any bigger than that, my ear lobes are too small.
Doug is giving us his computer since he is getting a new one, and we just have to get a flat screen moniter because his is ginormous. Luckily, my mom has a $100 off coupon for Staples, so we will pay hardly anything for it.
I think I am definatly going to finish school to become a nurse. Its totally the opposite of what I was doing, but I figured there is a better job security and demand for nursing than what I really want to do, I can always do photography or freelance write on the side or as a hobby if I want. If anything , I want to become a pedeatrics nurse practictioner. Its 5 years of schooling all together but I have some classes already finished. I think I might do as much as I can at the community college/online and then transfer. I was thinking of Regis College (which is COed now, weird.) But I don't know yet.

ok happy valentines day lovers ♥

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the love of my life

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nothing says I love you more than dancing to unchained melodies and giving the most beautiful ring as a gift.

best valentines day ever, but i still think its a stupid holiday.