January 17th, 2007

sophia bofia

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i really love the bad auditions of american idol.
sometimes i think they put those people up to acting that bad though. they know how to make good entertainment for the general public though.

i go back to work Monday. The only reason why I want to is because we need the money really bad for bills. We are selling a bunch of stuff on ebay. I sold my maternity clothes for like $75. I spent about $400... but I won't be using them, so its a big help. I am going to miss Sean those 6hours I am away from him... but I should only be so lucky. There are moms out there that are gone for 10hours a day, or work 2 jobs. I work for 3 hours and have a long break during the day to be with him and then I go back for another 3 hours and I am home by 5.

my next appointment with the ob-gyn is on Valentines Day...how romantic. Im going to get a vaccine, and something in me so I won't get pregnant for 5 years, or whenever I take it out. Fred said he wants to have another baby before then, so we are on the fence. Obviously, we aren't going to have a set of Irish Twins... but once you have one kid, you have to think if you want another and the age gap... But thats thinking WAY too far ahead. I am 14lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight, but I got into my pre-pregnancy jeans yesterday... tight yes, but them bitches zippered up and I wore them all day like a champ.