January 15th, 2007

Frankenstein/ Boris Karloff

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Ok here are how things are shaping up...

+ Losing 7lbs on weightwatchers this week.
+ Finally getting to watch a Suns game on TV this season so far. Steve Nash, sexy sexy time.
+Might be able to get a job working for Doug, well, taking care of him. I do it now, but now... I will get paid for it. Hopefully.
- Going back to work next week. Shucks.
- Still no sallie mae process. they make me sick to my stomach, what cuntrags.
+ Definatly going to NH in a couple weeks,
-its only for the night though. We were going to go for the weekend, but we work till 6 on Friday, and once we get up there, its late and we are like an old couple now...we are exhausted by 8.
+NBA2k7 for xbox360, so I can be the Suns and kick Freds ass like I do in our pingpong game.

That might be the only thing going on right now.
2 doctors appointments, and a shitload of errands this week. I need to try to find the people who are holding Seans birth certificate and social security number hostage. I can't wait to file for income tax, but I need those two pieces of paper. Sonsabitches.