Jackie's Life of Unbeatable Boredom

If you can beat my boredom, let me know

Super Jackie
18 October

Hey there! To whoever might read this, I am Jackie. I live in Canada, and attend high school. I am in Grade 11, and am 16.
Favourites: Colours- red, green and black; Authors- Tamora Pierce, Stephen King; Numbers- 8, 18, 88; Food- Cookies; Sport- Curling; Hobbies- Reading, playing on the computer, tearing things apart in shop class; Place- Shop class; Class- Shop, anything hands-on; Drink- OJ; Actors- Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightly; Movies- anything based on Stephen King, POTC, LOTR
Dislikes: Everything in my "Things that bother me" section of my memories
I love to curl (the sport) and preferably play the position of vice. Stupid school team made me second though. I will get my revenge! Lol.
Whoot! Second Semester is here! I love it! Let's see... Shop (Construction and Welding) all morning, French, and Greenhouse. I'm so happy! Ahh. School is better now.
Ya, and for anyone adding me, I am a comment whore, I comment on EVERYTHING!

A Little More About Me
Name: Jackie
Age: 16
Birthday: October 18th, 1988
Hair colour: Auburn
Eye colour: Brown
I think thats it...

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JOIN ME! lol, new community, that I made all by myself... with lots of help from Darlene, my co-mod, and Heather, the Lobster Co-Mod. Yeah, I know, you're thinking "Lobster?! WTF?!" But that's Heather.

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Date Created:2004-09-12
Number of Posts: 107

I am Jackie! I am the VERY UN-stealth. I will beat you all with my knowledge of cars and car parts! And with fire! Jackie likes to talk in third-person and she does not care if it annoys everyone!
Strengths: The ablility to hate almost everything, being able to tear things apart with her bare hands, make a large fire with one match, and burn everyone with what they just said.
Weaknesses: Speakining zis langu-age de Eengeesh, the inability to calculate numbers, is always hungry and hott guys.
Special Skills: Extreme curler, auto mechanic, kitchen wench, pizza topper, car driver
Weapons: Her talon-like nails painted red and black, her 3 inch high boots, and her ability to burn people with her humour.
Pet peeves: Too numerous to list here, but they are in my memories!

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