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St Pats Day

wow, its St Pats Day... wow. nothing really interesting, i got this spray in dye for my hair, its green. lol, so thats my green for the day. going to spike Heather's hair, and im going to get pics too. have them for blackmail! lol, no, im not THAT mean, lol. besides, y would i blackmail her? what does she have that I want? hmm... well, there is that sword... NO BAD JACKIE *slaps wrist* lol. but ya, i should go now...
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yup, cleaned up my room yesterday. it was 6 hours of tourture, but its now spotless, and i re-arranged the furniture! now i get to sleep by the window! lol. its all good

and mitch comes back tomorrow! lol, i cant wait!

and i got to go over to Carolyn's tonight, should be fun! i want to dye my hair, but my mom said that if its anything crazy and permanent, then my dad will have a fit, lol.

have to go to the docters... ack. i hate the docters... *shudder*
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Nothing really to say...

I have nothing really to say, so Im just going to talk... its not like anyone is going to read/comment on this anyways, so here goes:

im so bored, its sunday, so i had to do all my chores so that i can get paid... lol

no job... have to fill out applications (bleh) for Independent, and IGA... and i need to apply for a 'mystery job' that was in the Shoreline Beacon... (bleh) dont even kno what it entails...

parents are building grandpa a ramp so that when he has a docters appointment, its easier for him to get to a car...

i have a docters appointment on tuesday (bleh) and driver trainging in car tomorrow... i forgot my lisence at school... (bleh)

and thats it for now.
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soo bad

im so bored... and i have no life. Mitch went to Calgary and i think im getting separation anxiety, lol. its like "how can that be possible?" i kno cuz hes always 1/2 hour away, but ya... i dont kno...

The OC is crazy tonight... not really paying attention, but its wierd... lol
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