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I'm ready to get this ship started, but I have a few small things I need to get out of the way first... I'll get back to you later on how this whole shebang went down, how it's been, and a hopeful course for the next few months.
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Crossing Social Medias

LoudTweet has stopped shipping tweets to this blog, and I'm actually a little upset by this! So just in case you aren't on Twitter and desperately need to know what I do in my random free time, I have made a post with the copied and pasted contents from the site from the past few days.

Also, if you don't want to see my tweets anymore, and are purely interested in my lame rantings on REAL LIFE, let me know and I won't listen or filter you at all, so too bad. You should be greatful you don't have to see my Facebook status's in addition to these.

Really though, how self absorbed is Web 2.0 going to make us all?

FROM TODAY (by far the most updated day yet):
Oh Web 2.0! Does anyone use ? I'm finding the idea a little creepy but somehow familiar...

Concept art/interview for Mr.Burton's Alice in Wonderland

RT @DannyOutlaw - Top 40 Video Game Covers of All Time - ... I whole-heartedly agree with their #1 pick.

Too impatient to wait for Skittles Vodka solution. Google led me to this fine mixing site:

@JenElaine I would like to know more of this concept of Skittles Vodka. Is it really as simple and delicious as it sounds?

This scene from Me, You, and Everyone We Know is absolutely wrong, yet hilarious.

RT @styletime: RT @darylsws: The 30 best photoshop tutorials of February 2009

Making coffee, working on a project, and most importantly, watching Turtle Rape Shoe:

I usually don't care about laundry detergent, but I am in love with the scent Gain's Apple Mango Tango has been leaving on my clothes! Yum.
7:43 PM Mar 10th from web

Has Student Government always been this entertaining? I feel like I've been missing out on some good drama!
7:36 PM Mar 10th from web

I now blame Jiffy Lube for all of my problems.
8:30 PM Mar 8th from web

Car broke on the hill on 15th last night, luckily I managed to avoid a massive bus and get it home. Now it's time for fun with mechanics!
10:38 AM Mar 6th from web

All of you musicians on YouTube should look out, you might be featured (and improved) here:
6:45 PM Mar 5th from web

Hilarious video + AMAZING song: Fiona Apple "Not About Love"
1:21 AM Mar 3rd from web

@pstelleveryone Sorry guys, but my vote belongs to Zak Kinnard. [ ]
11:43 PM Mar 2nd from web

Currently reading about the amazing Saul Bass:
11:06 AM Mar 2nd from web

RT FBFriend:"A University of Colorado study showed that women have more types of bacteria on their hands. Cooties are real." (It's official)
10:39 AM Mar 2nd from web

Check out these My Little Pony mods...I promise the My Little Boba Fett and My Little Cthulhu won't let you down!
10:13 AM Mar 2nd from web

If you ever watched the show Double Dare back in the day, you HAVE to watch this hilarious "review" :
6:33 PM Feb 25th from web

I really can't ever get enough of Rufus. Fabulous!
7:57 AM Feb 19th from web
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