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LJ still exists?

Well, I see that Jill still writes in hers, might as well write in mine.

The reason why I haven't really been writing in here is because I wanted to try and be private for a moment. Seeing how drama and chisme travels fast amongst part of my circle of friends, I didn't want to the be the topic of conversation. I dunno, somehow the thought of people saying, "DID YOU HEAR ABOUT KRYSTAL? SHE'S BLAH BLAH LOLOLOLOLZ" doesn't really sound too appealing.

I guess I can go into some minute details without giving the total shabang out.

- I've graduated. I take my state nursing exam next week.
- Crazy shit has happened, but oh well, you get over it and you get stronger.
- People continue to act like they're in high school, but that's ok, I'm above that crap.
- I'm still going to SDCC -- as for what costumes, well, that's a secret. ;)

Just the other day, I caught up with my best friend, Jill. It felt so good being out with her again after not seeing her for months. We laughed, we cried, and we had good foods. Not to mention, got some comic books while we were at it. It was really nice to catch up and it made me realize how much I really did miss her. I really do hope she can make it to Vegas because I know that if she goes, the trip will be SCANDALOUS and that's what makes hanging out with Jill so fun. She's daring and doesn't give a shit. She's down like a clown, haha.

Well, enough of that. Everything here is great and I couldn't ask for anything more. I've done my best to take out the negativity in my life and have had amazing results. I advise that you all do the same. =)
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Don't you just hate it when life is going along fine and suddenly you have a relapse?

Yup. I'm close to having one of those RIGHT NOW.
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SDCC Re-Cap (after like, forever)

Wow, it's been a while since I've written in here. It's been about a week or two since my arrival from San Diego Comic-Con and boy was it fun. I got to WOW the fanboys with my Donna Troy-ness and Vaneta did such a BOMB job with my Raven costume. It turned out absolutely gorgeous.

Thursday at the con was rather dull but that was the day I had set apart for meeting up with everyone. I met Adam, Andrew, Thomas and Peter for the first time ever and it was great. They make you feel really comfortable when you're around them. These guys have such a vibe, it's impossible to NOT talk and laugh around them.

Friday I pretty much roasted my ass off in the Donna Troy costume since I constructed it from your typical red vinyl catsuit. The belt was made from Sculpey and chains I bought from Home Depot. The jump rings kept falling off at first because they were really weak but I changed them to the 10mm ones I believe and the belt kept in place. A lot of people kept taking pictures of me, and I was fortunate enough to be embarassed in front of like, 350+ people at the DCU panel when this dude said, "Has anyone noticed this lovely Donna Troy here?" and Dan Didio, Executive Editor (I believe) of DC told me to stand up and show off my costume. Okay, so maybe that wasn't such a bd thing but I was there just chillin and next thing you know, they're making me model the suit. I got to chit-chat with my friend, Geoff Johns, for a little bit after that but he had to depart quickly because all these people were just bombarding the poor guy and he had other stuff to do. I ran into George Perez (he designed the Donna Troy outfit I was wearing for the con) and he flipped when he saw me. He stopped from his signing and asked for a picture with me. I pretty much flipped when he asked. He even turned to Marv Wolfman (writer of Teen Titans before Geoff) and said, "Look at this amazing Donna Troy!" It was pretty cool :) Click here for the picture I took with George Perez! ;D

We all later got together for the GSA meeting and that was cool. I was freakin' ROASTING in the outfit but oh well, small price to pay to look good! :)

Later that evening Jill and I visited her family that were coming in from I forget, but it was some place very far. We had a good time :)

On Saturday, I went in the Raven outfit that Vaneta had created for me. It was absolutely beautiful. I felt like a princess. I even added fingerless gloves, white pumps and purple contacts for a more Raven effect. It was simply amazing. And what was more amazing was how many people there were on that day. I thought about the Slayer concert for like, 5 seconds and then felt that being here at Comic-Con would have been way better for me, emotionally. I went to another DCU panel, had a line of people wanting to get my picture and I was told I looked "flawless". It was very flattering to receive so many compliments. Once again, they made me stand up and model off the costume. Just so you can see what the hoopla was about, here's a picture of it:

Raven - The Child of AzarathCollapse )

I was showing a lot of leg which is okay with me because I love my legs and it's one thing I don't mind showing. I guess a lot of people didn't mind me showing off my legs either, haha. I had Mike McKone (one of the artist for Teen Titans) going ga-ga over the costume. He asked to get a picture with me. Leonard Kirk did too. I got a picture that day with Geoff and he told me that the fanboys were talking about me which was funny. I told him that we got him a gift and that we'd give it to him on Sunday (which we did, just wait a few~ I'll tell you what happened! :D).

Jill and I walked around some more with Andrew, Adam, Peter and Thomas. We would run into Midus on occasion but I think he was off running to find more anime (I could be wrong~ :P). After being tired of sweating what seemed like enough sweat to fill a freakin' pool, I switched into my other clothes and brought my bathing suit to go swimming with my nemesis, Sean Boyle!!! After trying to drown each other, we decided to make peace by drinking. Sean was nice enough to buy me a Long Island Iced Tea. I was close to being gone after drinking an "Adios Motherfucker" which was funny. Jill got sickies and threw up in the trash can, haha. After getting our buzz on in the pool, we went back to Sean's room to change again and headed over to the Hyatt where all the big names were. There was a huge party going on in there. I ran into Adam and Andrew and few others while I was there and around 2:30ish we called it a night.

On Sunday, I was exhausted and had my huge glasses on for most of the day because damn, haha, I was just... well, I still looked fabulous so that's all that matters. We catched the Big 3 panel just in time and ran into Geoff again. We gave him his present which was a box of Zero bars. For those of you who don't know, Zero bars are one of Geoff's favorite candies. ZERO is rare here and well, Sean managed to find a box for us to give to him. He thanked us for it and told us to stop by the DC booth later on let him know what was going on for the rest of the day. After he was done signing, we all met at Dick's last resort for good eats and good times! Unfortunately, Sean and Adam had to leave early so they couldn't join us :( Overall, it was fun finally being able to spend some time with Geoff away from his busy schedule. He even drew me a sketch of BATGIRL which was really nice of him. He asked me about my birthday plans and I told him about how I wanted to meet up wtih a few people at this place (Location will not be announced here :P) and said he'd be down to come and throw back a couple of drinks with me for my 21st birthday :)

After saying our goodbyes to everyone, we went back to Jill's place, packed our bags, and drove back home. We were dead tired but super happy and I think that's all that mattered :)

I look forward in next year's SDCC to meet up with my friends again! :D
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I'd like to take the time to give congrats to my friends, Robert and Jessica Gunderman on their discovery of their new addition to their family!

Married in October '05, Robert and Jess are now expecting their first child =) According to Robert, there is now a "Robin in the nest!" So yes, show some love for Rob and Jess =)

Looks like you've been promoted from Robin to Batman status, Rob! ;D

Once again, congrats!! :D