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[18.01.2007 ; 12:23am]
[ mood | okay ]

I knew I was in doom when I signed up for my classes this semester, but I wanted to get them over with before I transfer schools this summer. We started last Wednesday and so far things are moving at a steady pace. I’m taking Interpersonal Communications and I was pumped after the introduction on the first day. I call it a bell and whistles class. I’m very creative and competitive when it comes to class projects and this class seems to be one. We have to have a minimum of 20 hours of “volunteer” service within the next three months at an agency set up by the school. I picked the hospital. I got a list today of openings within the hospital and it’s a toss up between the surgical waiting room or the Oaks (the nut house=p). I really wanted to do Joint Camp where we help assist patients with their physical therapy and lunch trays but that was filled. The supervisor said she might be able to squeeze me in. As long as I am volunteering within the hospital I have no problem. Some of the other agencies were working with children, homeless shelters/soup kitchens, and Spanish translators at the court house. I got a 20 paged application and overview packet today for the hospital and have to have a criminal background check and TB shot test tomorrow. While in class today we were told about upcoming projects. There are only 42 students in the class and the professor decided to cut the class into mini groups to assign this project. We had to pick a topic from a list of 12 chapters. I picked chapter nine, but when I went to sign my group’s name another group already chose it, and the professor told me that chapter two was the best and easiest pick. Chapter two is on Symbolic Interactionism (iono, that is what is on the paper) and the Hierarchy of Needs. I didn’t think much of it and wrote our name down. After we pick chapters she tells us about the project. Each group is to present a 50 minute presentation on each chapter. Each presentation has to have:
- A PowerPoint.
- A skit/drama or role play related to some aspect of the chapter.
- 2 Activities the class can partake in related to the topic.
- 2-3 movie/tv clips appropriate for classroom use illustrating 2-3 concepts from the chapter.
- A song or songs relating to the chapter.
- A short game/quiz show related to the topics in the chapter.
- And a discussion on our chapter theory.

It was a bit overwhelming, but I figured we’d have a bit of time to work on this. Wrong. Since my group is chapter two we are the first to present. The professor is currently lecturing on chapter one. She gave the class due dates and said our presentation is due next Wednesday. I immediately objected because I didn’t think that was enough time so she bumped our presentation to next Friday. Thanks, lady. Ugh. Some other groups have until the middle of March to present? And we didn’t get to pick our groups (like it would have helped me because I didn’t know anyone in the class). And of course I get stuck with space cadet one and two. One of the guys is fresh off the boat from some hick town in Singapore or something of the sort. He barely knows English, that‘s the point. He’s from the better part of Asia! I thought intelligence was a gift from birth? Navat is his name. And his last name has 15 letters in it. It was quite the joke when the teacher tried to pronounce it; she was too stubborn for his help until she butchered it to pieces. I was talking to him today in class and I forgot what word I used but he questioned the meaning of it and I remember telling myself that this was going to be fun. And the other guy in my group, Brian, is a tall, blonde (American) DORK. I swiveled my chair to his table and he’s staring at the ceiling. Honest to god truth. And, by the look on his face, you knew the only thing running through his thick head was how big the swells were going to be tonight and catching gnarly waves, man. I was stressing out. I brought up the idea of exchanging phone numbers, so Brian and I whip out our cell phones and go to town while Navat slowly flips paper in his notebook to find a page to write our phone numbers on. And, get this, he writes our phone numbers down and then he wrote his phone number under mine. This paper was to be seen by no one but him and he wrote his own number down? I know how this is going to play out. These idiots in training are going to find utterly useless information and bring it to me on Friday and I’m going to smile and pretend I can actually use it and spend the next week of my life trying to balance this project with another project in my critical thinking class, work, and taking 64 pictures in natural light by Wednesday for photography class when it's suppose to rain five out of the next seven days. But I’m going to slap some pictures on PowerPoint and come presentation day no one but me will be prepared leaving me to present the whole 50 minutes, and causing me to become anxious and nervous turning a 40 minute speech into 15 so we fail, we fail miserably.

Ohyeah, My dad and I went to court last Friday for my speeding ticket. We get to the court house and my dad and I find humor in the community bulletin board. It was filled with overlapping “No trespassing” signs from people hunting in other people’s front yards. Lmao. At my age it is required to take driving school. I don’t have to pay the ticket or court cost, but I do have to surrender 200$ and 4 hours on my life to driving school. I joked with my dad on the way home asking if I got a yearbook at the end of the session… ok, ok we thought it was funny. I don’t have to have the money or time until March, so I’m happy about that.

I'll be your crying shoulder,
I'll be love's suicide
I'll be better when I'm older,
I'll be the greatest fan of your life.

[26.12.2006 ; 11:55pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

If it's cold outside show the world the warmth of your smile.

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[14.12.2006 ; 8:08am]
[ mood | happy ]

I finished my last final of the semester at 4:12pm today! I am stoked for this semester to be over. I came home and on the bar/counter was a very nice black/silver chain halter top my mom got me as a gift. I've been eyeballing it for a few weeks now at NY&Co. Some people from my lit class and I are going downtown tonight to celebrate. It's so foggy outside you can't see 10 feet in front of you. Scary stuff, hommie. Some of the girls should be here within the next 20 minutes so we can do hair and makeup. A few bars are offering really good specials on drinks and cover to college students. I haven't been dancing in a while now. I still hope I have my moves. =p

Good luck to those who have not finished uni yet. And congrats to Erin for not dropping out her first semester and living through it. =p

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