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Jaguars at the cemetary [entries|friends|calendar]
TV Casualty

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only thing worth updating for [11 Aug 2004|05:39pm]
Marriage is love.
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OMFG awesome [15 Jun 2004|06:26pm]

awesome license plate for a Misfits fan (song "We are 138")
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I dream of death [14 Jun 2004|12:51am]
[ mood | fucking die ]

wow, I havent been so fucking mad and angry and disappointed in one day for a long time as I am today. Well, today and yesterday, since its now past midnite. Already, one hour into this day, and I fucking hate it, a lot. I've got this talent where I can put things off, force myself to do the said thing, and then fail, skillfully. I had 20 days worth of homework to do and turn in by 5.5 hours from now. So, today I went and did them all. Each and every asignment. I also rushed myself and dealt with the horrible horrible distraction of TV, the internet, and worse: my girlfriend. I got it all done within the alotted time she put on me, as to satisfy her wanna-be-plans for the day, which she seemed to look forward to (not that I blame her for anything). So, tonite I finished the homework, saved it, and left with her. We ate and hung out with friends till about midnight. So I get home after 12, and my whore of a mother is asleep before 2am for the first time in I cant remember its been sofa king long. I curse the bitch. Her laptop (only one with a printer) is in her room, shoddily charged, and on the other side of the room from the printer. I take the risk, download my file, edit it properly for MS Word (which somebody forgot to install on this computer when setting it up) and begin printing after finding paper in the dark. I start printing my 20 pages, go and shave, and come back to a dead laptop, a half printed document, and all the pages being slightly off and not properly separated. I want to fucking kill her. I come upstairs, complain to my sleeping girlfriend that I hate tonight, I'm angry, and she needs to go home (shes sleeping, whats the point of staying), and so after a few minutes, she leaves, I hook my moms computer back up, curse everythign, get on my computer, and type this heap of steaming inconvenience up for a total of maybe 2 people to read. God, I just wish I could revolutionize a small sect of people with a gun. Had I owned such a weapon, my next door neighbor would have been properly threatened by it today, as the creepy fuck broke out the second window in his house, and for some reason has dried mud all around his not-so-dirty truck that has new damage to its bottomside. I seriously hope he's a killer or something, because I want his shady annoying creepy impeding ass locked away for a long time. And I hear they dont exactly do that for free these days. One of these days, Alice...

:sigh: here's to "hoping" I wake up in less than 5 hours from now. If I dont, I might just die.

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suck me, beautiful [08 Jun 2004|08:11pm]
[ mood | morose ]

Well, it appears as though, for the most part, everything sucks.
Everybody is included in everything.
It blows feeling like there is nothing to do, theres practically nobody to talk to. I can say this, and expect to hear "get a job" (though I have one, it just doesnt take up much of my time) so I am not so bored and home alone. This will not cure my ailment of not having anybody to do things with or talk to. It will just further hinder me by probably making my time window, in which I can hang with others, smaller.
Lindsay Lohan is a hottie, I want her for a lover, and shes super bubbly and jubbly in the commercial with P-Diddy. If not for things like that, I wouldn't be cought dead on M-TV.
I just want something to do (no, not somebody to do, but a selection of activities).
I cant wait till I get the VW Rabbit junker to tinker with like all day every day in my free time for a while. After 2 more weeks, my class schedule will change, in my opinion for the worst, and the time to find a job in a resturaunt will be creeping even eerily closer. I really dont want to deal with it, because since starting school, I've felt nothing but an decrease in passion for cooking. It's lame, but its mostly because of the people I'd have to deal with. I think it takes more tolerance and people skill than it does cooking skill, unless you just luck out.
I'm working on making more friends, but I really dont care too much about doing so. Kinda makes it harder to ease my situation. I've been practicing a lot more lately for the past 3 or so weeks, drum wise. I wish I had somebody nearby who I could play with. I dont want the commitment of a band untill the Fall (round August) because of the school situation, not to mention I'm gonna have to find a job in a kitchen between now and then. Once its work only, no more school, I'll be ready to give a band another shot (though I dread participating in them).
My buddy said it best: I'm not gonna have any free time this summer with 2 jobs. But its ok, because we know free time leads to boredom. Idle hands spend time at the genitals, and we know how much God hates that. (last line was, of course, quoted from Ol' Drippy from ATHF).
So true.

Also, on another note, I might as well start giving more serious consideration to the tattoos I'll be getting at the end of Summer, and maybe one to get before then as well. :secret:

Also also, I'm going to get a pet rabbit.

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this is creepy [04 Jun 2004|03:08pm]
[ mood | creepy ]

so, this is officially the coolest guy evar

for making this site <a href="http://jasonkill.com/hermione/>(click here)</a>, which is also the coolest and creepiest I've seen in a while, because its a guy who's in love with the character Hermione in the Harry Potter movies enough to count down till the character turn 18, and also photoshop her head onto Christina Aguilara's body in order to more properly jerk it? Um, wierd. And the pic of him is hella funny.
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updates fo reelz [30 May 2004|04:28pm]
Paul was lame last night for bailing last minute before the movie, BAADASSSSS, which we left for at like 11:20. We got to Alamo and met up with Clay right before he left (he was gonna go shower before the movie and pick us up) so he just stayed and we hung out there for almost an hour, it started around 12:20. The movie was great, and long, glad it showed here for its 3rd nationwide screening or whatever (played on Friday in LA and NY) but we didnt get listed on the movies website, lame. We got home at like 3 in teh morn. Taylor went home around 3:30.

This morning she came over again and we didnt get outta bed till 12 some odd. Then we went to Chipotle for lunch, followed by going to check out some cars taht we wanted to see @ the Saab dealership that opened near my work. We continued on and fed my fish @ her dads house. Took a water sample to work to get tested, and went to the AZN MRKT. That place was a godsend to have found so near my house so I dont have to go downtown for such wonderous goods. We got more frozen vegetarian foods, and some desserts. Came home, put food away, Taylor went to work, and I clack away for a short while on the computer, then play drums, watch smoe TV, and do the computer thing again. I should really go mow the neighbors yard, since he pays me for it, but my shits broke :o

PS: Bubba Hotep is now out on DVD, looks like I'm actually gonna break the bank and buy something :gasp/pant/drool:
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schedule [29 May 2004|06:57pm]
9ish: woke up
10ish: actually woke up, Taylor got here
10:45: we had lunch. frozen asian food: red bean buns, veggie buns, and veggie dumplings, with home made bubble tea.
11:40: left for work
12: worked
5:20: got off work, went to Taylors dads house, spent a looooong time catching a mother fish and stealing her ripe babies from her mouth
6:30: dropped key off @ work
6:45: got home
7:30ish: Taylor, Paul, and I go to Fryz to get a USB because my digicam is pointless without a computer with USB :o (this new comp is from 98, before the days of USB)
8ish: USB domination, empty my cam card to free space for maaaaaaaaaaaany pics.
x:xx: spend a good amount of time watching TV/playing video games/BSing with Taylor and Paul as we wait for showtime
10: MAYBE go see Foxy Brown @ Alamo Drafhouse for SOUL CINEMA night, me, taylor, paul, and clay.
12: fo sho go see BADASSSSS @ Alamo w/same people
X:XX: go to bed.
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[29 May 2004|12:25am]
today, and especially tonite, is the biggest suck evar.
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my condition just worsened [24 May 2004|10:50pm]
[ mood | un-fucking-happy ]

while using a specific product that wasn't meant to spread to my sunburnt chest, my sunburn transmutated into yellow boils/bubbles
oh, and my friend and girlfriend = the super ghey
both left me tonite shortly after arriving and being extremely unproductive and up to no good. so fuck em. and I thought that this past weekend was the turnaround of my days, oh ho, luck laughs and spits in my face.

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More concerts [21 May 2004|09:50pm]
[ mood | :gag: lonely ]

So on Wednesday we continued our show-going, and went back to San Antonio to see some band we didn't like or know the name of, Eighteen Visions :swoon:, Atreyu, and From Autumn to Ashes. We showed up early, got in later than planned (wow, thats rare :rolleyes:) and looked at the merch (of which I forgot to get some!), then went in to check out the first band. They weren't particularly good, and at our current position, we were surrounded by a buncha white highschool kids who really really didn't fit in or know what they were doing, it was wierd. So we went outside, leaving the uncared for performance behind, and when they finished (like 3 or 4 songs???) we went back in and squeezed our way to the center for Eighteen Visions. As soon as they started their sexy beastly sounds, some guy got bumped into and flipped out, and started a fight near us, which made me very angry. And from there, it just got worse, crowd wise. The audience, a majority of them, seemed to think and act like they were at a Metallica concert or something. Lots of crowd movement and shoving, rediculous crowd surfing, and some moshing here and there?! WTF, where is the hardcore dancing and the simple harmless rushing of the stage because they're all in love with the band? It sounds silly, but its better than the bullshit we had to deal with Weds night. Eighteen Visions stood up against this, their singer wasn't allowing people to get on stage/stage dive, told the audience to stop getting on stage/crowd surfing, and bitched at people for breaking thier shit. I love him. They did a mad badass performance too, esp compared to their last show, in November, @ Stubbs, which they definately weren't up to par for. Also, they played not only new stuff (which I expected them to), but some good faves as well.
Atreyu took the stage next, and we got a bit closer for them (though we weren't far to begin with). They rocked as well, a very good performance, and me and Taylor both seemed to enjoy these two bands shows that night more than the last time we'd seen each of them. They too played new stuff I didn't exactly know, but it was all good. After Atreyu finished, we left, as we didn't care for FATA, and we were tired/sore, not to mention soaking nasty fuckin wet.
The concerts crowd, like I said, was lamely out of control and out of the usual "hardcore" environment. It was pretty stupid, really packed, & too motionful, but at least me, and seemingly plenty of others, managed to help a lotta people who were getting knocked around, dropped, and etc. It seemed like most of the girls there were rather short, so anytime I felt somebody behind me straining to see around/over me, I let em infront of me, so I did good deeds for the day.

Last night we saw The Fragility Of, which is a band of some friends of ours. They ditched their second singer who we and many others thought blew. They now have a guy named Jake (I think) from my school who's two classes behind me. He did wonderfully last night, we thought, and the overall performance was their best IMHO. Some said differently, but those "some" were the band themselves, picking on flaws. Oh well, it was good, and cheap (free for me, thanks to my sugar momma) and I wasn't tired due to me getting 6 extra hours of sleep that morning.
I guess thats all for now, I cant think of anything else to write other than today fucking sucks since Taylor worked @ 4:30 and my friend (like, my only one?) decided to go to a show (a guy whom I hate's band) tonite that I just couldn't drag myself to, so I'm destined to be alone and bored tonite. Wonderful. Wish me luck.

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on a down note.. [21 May 2004|09:29pm]
.. I guess I've come to realize I'm pretty depressed lately, and dont care for anything one way or another. I'm not gaining any particular enjoyment in my usual joys, like my car, fish, cooking, etc. Nothing seems to do it for me, but I am not really bitter about it, I just dont care. It's getting really annoying, and I can see its getting to Taylor. I dislike this. I have also stopped wanting things or having a lot of preference, and I dont really ever feel hungry, and I'm eating very little. This too is getting on my nerves, but I cant really change it because if I eat when I'm not hungry it makes me feel sick, so what am I to do? I am going on like one meal a day, and I know its unhealthy, so somethings gotta change. I'm really hating school because I dont feel like I do a good job of cooking and serving food that I cant eat/taste, its like cooking blind. I dont resent being vegetarian, and I dont yearn for any of the dishes I prepare, nor do I find them appetizing, and I definately dont feel hungry in class either. I just wish I could feel better and do a better job when it comes to school. I'm also pretty careless on the subject of where do I wanna work, what do I wanna do. I had it mapped out pretty well, but I dont really care right now. It's wierd. Usually, I want THIS, and I am bitching about all these other things. Thus is not the way right now, or this past week (other than picking on hardcore kids and stuff at shows, it'll never get old). I cant help but think something can be changed, but I just dont know what. I am pretty afraid of Taylor feeling like this is her problem, but I'd like her to know its not. Oh well, hopefully I get over this in a week or 3. Ugh, whatever.
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2 late entries [19 May 2004|12:49pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Sunday we went and saw Throwdown (and Sinai Beach, and 2 unknown bands) in San Antonio. I dislike San Antonio, and its scene, but at least its good for the band being able to know the crowds there really enjoy their shit. Whats not to like about that?

Last night we saw As I Lay Dying, KillSwitch Engage, and In Flames. I was impressed with AILD compared to last time, when it seemed they had fewer big fans in the audience, and they played a set of decent length, and some good new songs. I haven't heard a KSE song in forever, because I never particularly got into them, but they were wonderful too, and the singer wore an Eighteen Visions shirt, thats a plus. In Flames wasn't impressive. They headlined, and me and Taylor hated it, we were in a lot of pain by that time, and now that I'm not sitting @ a desk in school everyday, and am standing and walking around instead, I fret going to long long shows :o

Tonite we go see Atreyu, Eighteen Visions, and From Autumn To Ashes. I really wish I'd cought Unearth and Walls of Jericho and all that last month or whatever, and I cant believe I missed Avenged Sevenfold in the past recent weeks, but hopefully tonite will be great, as I'm sure it will. I'll be sure to let anybody who actually reads this know.

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GD Tivo [16 May 2004|10:59am]
TiVo has run out of database info, meaning it has no more future programming memory, and so it was dialed in 3 times last night, never finished updating itself. Thats no good, because tonight I will be in San Antonio to see Throwdown, Sinai Island, & Most Precious Blood; but Total Testosterone comes on TLC @ 7pm, so its dialing in now so I can hopefully record it. This entry is mostly to remind me later to check if that worked out.

P.S. on Trading Spaces, the victems include 2 gay male couples, I just realized that hasn't happened/isnt common yet. Wierd, but it should be a more common thing, wouldn't you think? I also think its wierd they chose to dub themselves the names of the Sex In The City girls.
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no, I am not deceased [15 May 2004|11:42pm]

Not that anybody would think that. I've been doing too much nonsense forum whoring lately to keep up with my half assed journal. Oh well, big surprise. I would brag about how nice and squeeky shiney blingin hot damn clean the Corrado is, but then I'd have to back it up with pics, and I simply cannot do that now, as I haven't had a cord to put my cam to the USB in like a month or two. I hate it.
But, Taylor hated last night. She fell victem to helping me with the car care last night, poor soul :(
The process went: pencil eraser to take out small marks from paint, wasn't gonna clean the car, it was late in the day
reluctantly washed the car, careful and specifically as ever
dried with new "The Absorber" which is a wonderful product I might add
debated whether I should clay the car or not, then crumbled to the decision to do so, it took a while to rub her down with the clay bar
then in the dark I finished up by "waxing" using some new synthetic stuff I got, we did the whole car (minus windows) with the wheels included.

Today @ Pauls I let him work on his car using a jack and jackstands via me after work. Work was good, I got paid, and I also got 2 new rare primo fish (ah, the addiction..)
I used some vinyl/rubber protectant stuff and did my whole interior, took out the mats, beat em out, vacuumed the whole car and the mats, it looks brand fuckin new, I love my car. It's been overhaul cleaned for the first time in years, I'm sure. I've owned it for nearly a year now, and never did this before (the GTi got this love though), and the previous owner hadn't touched it for 2 years before I bought it. Poor thing.

Also watched like 4 or 5 more Asianic DVD's from I Love Video (and I do, too) but I cant think of the names of any except for Ichi (prequel to Ichi The Killer) at the moment, its late, I'm tired, and sick from Pauls cat (which I love). Time to go home and see Taylor for the first time today. It's wierd, I've lived with her up untill this week for like 8 months-ish, and I didn't talk to her even till like 6 or so in the afternoon, and still havent seen her. Usually only out-of-townage keeps us apart. Home time. Bye bye.

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I urge you to go here [24 Apr 2004|10:21am]
and complete the form however you feel fit
click right hurr
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money news [23 Mar 2004|10:40am]
[ mood | money hungry ]

It looks bad for me, financially.
Within the first 8 days of the coming month, as with every month, I'm to have $156 taken out of my bank for insurance, and another $42 for a loan payment (which will be over in two months). That is a bad thing, as I dont think I have more than $130 in there currently, nor do I have any cash or checks to deposit.
On another note, I did just start my new job this past Saturday, and I think I get paid every other week, so I'll be getting at least $150 in a week.
Also, a neighbor friend of mine offered to pay me $150 a month to mow his yard weekly. That aint bad.
Not to mention I'm also expecting to make ~$175 or so off selling fishtanks and such, and another $50 from selling a few fish. Thats all HOPEFULLY happening within 2 or 3 weeks.
And I have a gun to sell, which should score me $200. Maybe I'll end up gettin lucky and selling some of my massive magazine collection as well. Not much $ to be had there, but some's better than none.

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what a piece.. [17 Mar 2004|06:39pm]
[ mood | angar ]

I give up w/Live Journal. Never before did I ever have problems with my HTML coding. Its really aggrivating, so I give. If I could make regular entries and my code would work (like it used to, cuz nothings changed in the codes I use) but no luck. GD

on another note: Dexter turned himself into a vegetarian using gamma radiation on TV, then in the following episode, was force fed meat. funny. not.

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Atreyu is the dissappointment today, my car was yesterday. [08 Mar 2004|01:56pm]
It appears as though their bass player left. No good.

"I wish I had two more hands to give that 4 thumbs down. The milks gone sour bitch."

Well now. Yesterday I insisted on me driving errands around town. Bad idea. Or maybe making the early left off the main road to enter my neighborhood the back way. Either one could be the bad idea. Anyhow, I blew a car part yesterday (not so much a part, but the joining piece between parts) and right after doing so, recieved 4 tickets.
I'm not going down without a fight, and I've lead myself to believe that I'm not going to be going down at all. I'm going to contest every ticket I got yesterday, if not downright prove them wrong. This asshole that pulled me over yesterday (I've found many cops to be pleasant, this one was not, whatsoever) was just plain rude, and I dont want to help him earn his monthly total of tickets by paying for the 4 he slammed me with. By the way, it was for expired insurance, expired registration, no front license plate, and +17 over the speed limit.
I wont get into the arguement of why I disagree with the speeding, other than the fact that its the only main non-house-lined road in my hood that isn't 40 or 45. Its supposedly 30, and its never had a posted speed limit in the 9 years I've lived here and used it, and my speedo has been broken for over a week.
Anyhow, I'm planning to fight for all of them. I know I can get out of 2 of them for sure, reg and insurance, but the other two are 50/50. I'm planning to get out of all of them, but if I get pinned with any, it should just be one, and it'll be written off my record via defensive driving (my 3rd time!).
That totally sucked. But dinner last night was good for my moms bday, enjoyable, minus the crampedness of being stuck with 16 people total @ the dinner table. Good food, good time. She had a good day, minus her sunburn. Now my moms 38. I got her an old rusty bigass iron cross (not the biker kinda 'iron cross', but the metal) because she kinda collects crosses to make our house look as though we have morals or something. Who knows, but its the thought that counts. I also spent the rest of my cash and taylors 6 bucks on a comic this weekend. I bought it for 30, and I'm selling it today for 50 or more. We'll see how that goes. Anyway, I'm gonna go hang crosses for my mom, and play some video games. Maybe even work on my car some. Oh the probability for production and profit today, wheeeeeeeee.
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Dinner: Documented [03 Mar 2004|06:52pm]
[ mood | thankful for dinner ]

Taylor and I made dinner tonight, clocked in @ 5:20ish and out @ 6:35

she made potato salad w/tomatoes, feta cheese, and vinagrette

[Error: Irreparable invalid markup ('<align=right>') in entry. Owner must fix manually. Raw contents below.]

Taylor and I made dinner tonight, clocked in @ 5:20ish and out @ 6:35
<center>she made potato salad w/tomatoes, feta cheese, and vinagrette</center>
<align=right>I made carrots visci w/carrots, sugar, & perrier</align>
<center><i>hot shit</i>, right?
<img src="http://forums.dubdriver.com/modules/gallery/albums/album35/Dscf0003.sized.jpg">
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<img src="http://forums.dubdriver.com/modules/gallery/albums/album35/Dscf00012.sized.jpg">
<b>TEH END</b>

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Question on someones mind [28 Feb 2004|12:44pm]
[ mood | rejoicing ]

I am back. For temporary. Not for good. But still back. More on that later.

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