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sin sama 2

sakura con 2014 = magi con XD lol

for this year's sakura con, i helped with the magi events as ja'far X3  the guests were the director, producer, and character designer for anime magi + english VAs

SAO x Magi Director Panel
Magi Dub Screening
Magi Director (Koji Masunari) and Character Designer (Akai) Autograph
Magi Gathering @ Aniplex Booth
SAO x Magi Character Designer Face-Off
Magi Group Autograph for those with special tickets

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i still cant believe i got to work with the anime magi staff, this wknd was a dream come true ♡┏┗(^o^)┛┓♡

magi kou empire shoot

kou empire times--------8D our sewing machines were in full speed since we had to finish before miko had to leave for australia!  anything for my hot kouen oniisamaaaa------it was a lot of fun!

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updating from japan, but from a hospital due to a family medical situation OTL i've been living at osaka medical hospital for over a week now...the VIP room is very nice (like a hotel) but getting a bit bored XD;;;;

one photo from akimatsuri lol

went to akimatsuri very end of nov (*´v`*)  helped john's friend sell off his huge figma collection before moving back to usa, and also sold magi goods as postcard ja'far----ヾ(*≧∀≦*)ノ
was placed next to kaworu (kawaiiboku) by chance and had a really fun time just hanging with frnds and selling (*´'∀')从('∀'`*)  not to mention i made way more money than i thought (*^u^*)bヤッタ

for anyone interested, here is my magi goods and sales page (i end up with a lot of extras when collecting XD;;;;)
sin sama

sinbad (magi) shrine lol

yay magi anime 2nd season!  the manga is SO MUCH better and 1st season kinda ruined a lot of things, but im happy with second season so far and seeing all the characters in action XD  not to mention all the hot seiyuu voices---!
also anime means more merchandise 8DDDDD  i love to collect things...so here is an unhealthy post on my sinbad (magi) shrine XD;;;;;;

 photo 2013-09-02210147.jpg
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scheherazade (magi) shoot

(written in dec, back dated to sept)
before the summer ended, we took a day trip to minter gardens as it was closing down (> <) im sad it closed, it's a memorable place for john and me (> <)
we planned to do a shoot so i made scheherazade from magi...i ended up being the only one to cosplay but it was lots of fun!

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sin ja

magi food and magi party 8D

my friends came over to watch the magi anime event dvd (first maharajan), so i made magi themed food for a magi party lol XD

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i have lots to blog about (including AX and the Angelic Pretty tea party) now that con season is coming to an end.
but im making scheherazade sama right now X3 i finished the staff yesterday and almost done her dress!