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wknd - doll meet X3

happy birthday yingie---X3 i wish i knew u when i was hardcore into PoT XD;;; it would have been so much more fun ahahaha (and a billion times more scary lol)

listening to the new geass drama cd---it's so funny XDDDDDD
(but the previous ones were funnier...im sooooo looking fwd to the last one XD)

this saturday was the doll meet---and afterwards we went karaoke and played anime-related games until 3:30 am

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imai kira designed the most moe blythe ever vv(=A= )
it's so cute and bang-on-moe for me lol XDDDDDDD
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Hong Kong doll post & pictures of hina X3

 this weekend was spent fixing my miku wig and styling my tianzi sama wig---
glad that is done, i hate dealing with long wigs OTL
many thanks to john for helping me the whole time----X3  no thanks to the heat OTL

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tmr i shall work on maiden sama----luckily most of the stuff she wears looks like the stuff in my closet XDDD
since ae isnt really worth going to, i'll prob only go friday until john finishes work & a little bit on saturday just to see everyone (=w=;; )   id rather work on kumori con costumes----

doll meet XD

because we all got new things for our dolls, we decided to have an sfu meet up during our lunch break XD;;;;
(i love how we can have doll meets in btw classes lol)
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hina chan and setsu chan XD

last saturday, karen came over to my house to pick up our doll order---XD
it was exciting to get new things (>v< )  we both got wigs + shoes from audrey dolls

i got 4 pairs of shoes and 2 wigs for hina :3
but they sent me a straight wig when i asked for a wavy one (=A=;; )
its too troublesome to send it back, so i will keep it and maybe curl it later----
we were both quite satisfied with what we got XDDDD

left: hinaki   right: sousetsuran

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doll meet tomorrow at sfu lol  happy that it will be sunny XDDDD

off topic, but i changed my LJ layout and still playing around with it XD;
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i finished (and got ahead) in my readings + hmwk + studying this week so i decided to sew my doll, hinaki, clothes :3

テーマ: 永遠少女 (forever little lady)
雛 「何か久しぶりの登場ですの」 (havent appeared here for awhile...)
杏 「えへへ(汗)  (ehehe...*sweat*)

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hopefully we can get bjd wigs + shoes soon since i never bought any since hina got here---lol
but after this splurge, nothing for awhile (=w=;; )
*coming out of doll neglect* XD;;;;
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i went to a dollmeet on sunday----vvv  it was so much fun (>v< )  there were over 32 dolls---
i took a lot of pretty pics of dolls, then went out with tamie oneesama later and took photos of her and her dolls...
but then the camera was stupid and deleted all the pics

(T-----------------------T )

very very shocking...i uploaded them onto my PC and error---they were all gone...*cries in a corner*

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after the dollmeet, tamie and i went to richmond for hotel reservations and tea---vvv
we talked a lot about novala sama and otome philosophy (-^--^-)
japan's postal system is so fast it scares me (0------0)
yesterday: person ships out my baby the stars shine bright skirt to my grandpa's house
today: got a call from my grandpa saying a parcel is here for me
(0--------------0 ) canada post should be more like them...
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dollie dollie introduction---

yay i got my dollie---!!!!
i just had a bunch of hmwk to finish before introducing her ^^;

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i will try to remember to cut most dollie stuff since many ppl may not be interested--
(esp the guys lol)
and she will prob come with me to class on thurs ^^

after picking her up from thea, i went to go see harry potter with john and richard ^----^
yay finally!!
OMG fleur / beauxbaton (sp?) were soooo cute!!!  i want to cosplay them--!!!!
but with my brown hair, i wont look good in blue (=w=; )

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