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Magi Fes Report - 2/3 Afternoon Session

Magi Fes Report Part 2 - afternoon session
マギフェス -The festival of magic-
you can find part 1 here

* event report will be divided into 3 parts
* even tho i strive for accuracy, i may be remembering wrong...plz dont shoot me lol
* when the seiyuus talk, i will refer to them with their character name so it's easier to follow, hope this doesnt offend anyone!
* this report will comment an lot on Sinbad (Ono Daisuke) and Ja'far (Sakurai Takahiro) cuz i love sin sama and sinja a lot XD;;;
* all photos are mine, please credit my LJ (uzuki) or tumblr (sin-sama-wa-ore-no-yome) if using anywhere ^ ^
* i suck at drawing so i borrowed the imgs from pixiv, you can click on them to go to the author's page.

My previous magi event (maharajan - april 28th 2013) report for those who are interested
part 1 / part 2 / part 3

Magi Fes Afternoon Session

seiyuu list!

aladdin: ishihara kaori 石原夏織
alibaba: kaji yuki 梶裕貴
morgiana: tomatsu haruka 戸松遥
sinbad: ono daisuke 小野大輔
ja'far: sakurai takahiro 櫻井孝宏
masrur: hosoya yoshimasa 細谷 佳正
judar: kimura ryohei 木村良平
hakuryuu: ono kensho 小野賢章
titus: matsuoka yoshitsugu  松岡禎丞
sphintus: osaka ryota 逢坂良太

there were over 4500 attendees!!!
my seat was 9th row center!!!  was super excited to be so close!!!
they played magi songs as the bgm, excitement sky rocketed when 栄光のシンドリア (sindria of glory) came on ₍₍ ◝(σ∵σ◝) ⁾⁾ ₍₍ ((√◟σ∵σ)◟ ⁾⁾ ヲーヲーヲーヲーヲー

IM SO READY 8DDDDD  debated whether i should buy the amon light but i brought my maharajan light from the last event so XD;;;  would have bought it if it was sin sama themed hurhur

the event started with a picture of aladdin and alibaba, and their voices welcoming everyone.
they explained the theme for this event will be “live” – they want to have lots of live events and interact with the audience
ala 「わぁー!お客さんがいっぱいだよ、アリババ君!」 ("wow-!  there are so many guests alibaba kun!")
ali 「おぉー!すげーなっ!」 ("it's incredible!")
ala 「お姉さん!」  “oneesan!”
ladies 「きゃーきゃー」  “yaaay!”
ala 「お兄さん!」  "oniisan!"
men 「うをおおおお!!!!」  “UOOOOO!!!!"   lol good job men lol

ViViD had a live performance of 光 - hikari while the op and some clips (like a summary of the 2nd season) played in the bkgrnd
きゃー炎様ぁぁーー!┗┏┗( ^o^ )┛┓┛ lots of screaming when kouen, muu etc appeared on screen lol
it was like a mini concert, we all stood up and swung our lights lol
now i get all excited and teary when hikari comes up in my playlist (;w; )

the seiyuus finally came out!!!  their character images came on screen and songs played in the bkgrnd!!! \キャー!!/
alibaba brought out amon’s sword light (event merch) and started fighting with aladdin lol

judar and hakuryuu came out skipping together and high-fived…omg these two lol  (black sun) played for these two.

SIN SAMA'S PICTURE WAS FOCALOR!!!!  his song was "sail for triumph" and he did the leaf pose ┗┏┗( ^o^ )┛┓┛
「やぁ、みんな元気か?いい天気だね。うん?雨?嵐を呼ぶ男!シンDバッド・小野大輔です!一緒に嵐を起こそうぜ!」 ("hey, how are you guys? nice weather isn't it? eh? rain? i stir up a storm! i am sinDbad ono daisuke! let's make a storm together!" LOL  SU★KI o(:3 )~('、3_ヽ)_
wearing a ugly leaf pattern jacket as usual BUT HIS HAIR WAS ALL BACK AND SO HANDSOME キモカッコイイD大好き!
he mentioned his stylist always picks out leaf clothes for him even without him asking (^q^)gjgj

ja'far and masrur followed with (sindria of glory) OMG SO PERFECT LOVE THIS SONG AAAAAH ヽ(o′▽`o)ノキャーキャー
he used his ja'far-voice 「今日は思いっきり楽しんでくださいね」(please have lots of fun today)  super fangirl screams followed lol
masrur said yokohama arena when the venue was pacifico yokohama lol XD;;;;;;
titus and sphintus had 2nd season BGMs. titus was clearly nervous and the audience cheered him on. he was super nervous the entire stage so sphintus said he will be titus’s guardian lol
MC was otaku announcer, yoppi! he introduced himself as「組み敷かれたいのはシンドバッド」(i want to be pushed down by Sinbad) me too man, me too…(´・ω・`)
he also said he wants to rip sin sama's leaf off LOL me too yoppi me too

and super special guest!!! Ohtaka Shinobu sensei came to do a live painting show!!!!!!!!!!!!! ┗┏┗( ^o^ )┛┓┛
…except she was nowhere to be found----everyone starts looking on stage…judar pulled on hakuryuu’s pants and looked inside LOL
MC 「先生は賢章君のパンツの中にはいません」 (“sensei is not in kensho kun’s pants…”) LOL

then al tharmen came on screen!  they kidnapped Ohtaka sensei!!!!
her hands showed up on the big screen, talking through a cute illustration board lol  she said she'll draw/color there until she was rescued XD;;;;
in order to rescue her, they have to complete a series of tasks…

ぐるぐるマギリレークイズ – guru guru (twirling) magi relay quiz
they each took turns standing on a round stand to answer a question as fast as possible. there are 3 themes and you must score above 30.
the cast commented how kaori chan looked like a doll standing on a stand since she's so tiny XD  masrur and judar stood on it together and started pushing each other lol

1) country names
the first few questions were scenes from magi (sindria etc) but it suddenly turned to real flags lol
flag of mexico (it has an eagle) came on and morgiana yelled out GRIFFINDOR!!! lol  hakuryuu stood up since he also voices harry potter lol
13 correct answers!

2) people’s names
the first few questions were magi characters, but suddenly turned to historical figures lol
when commodore perry appeared:
ja whispers 「八人将ですよ」 ("he's an 8 general")
sin 「こんなのいたっけ?!スパルトス!?」 ("did we have someone like him?!  spartos?!") LOL スパちゃん可愛そうwww
someone also said CASSIM! when einstein appeared lol XD;;;;;
14 correct answers

3) act out the characters
seiyuus act out charas that arent their own XDDDD again, turned into historical figures after a few magi characters lol
masrur acted out ja'far, sinbad acted out judar, judar acted out sharrkan, ja'far acted out elizabeth LOL etc XDDDDD
*alibaba on screen*
titus 「アラジン、俺カッコイイだろ?!」 ("aladdin, arent i so cool?!") XDDDD
also judar’s sharrkan imitation was hilarious lol (「ちょっと待ってくださいよぉ!」- running joke from him prince of tennis days)  ....more on this the evening session XD
al tharmen judged if the acting was good or not…6 correct answers lol

33 correct answers! challenge completed! ₍₍ ◝(σ∵σ◝) ⁾⁾ ⁾ワーイ

マギジェスチャー – magi gestures
teams of 2, one gesturing and the other adding sound effects, act out certain scenes and everyone else has to guess. (gesture / sound)

1) 「海で砂の城を作る魔法使い」(a magician making a sandcastle by the sea) - aladdin / alibaba

2) 「キッチンでパスタを作る格闘家」(a martial artist making pasta in a kitchen) - morgiana / masrur
morgiana always moves with exaggeration so they thought she was acting out herself XD;;;; judar guessed most of her gestures tho, he was kind of amazing lol

3) 「レストランでスマートフォンをいじる王様」(a king on his smartphone in a restaurant) - sinbad / ja’far
sin sama’s waiter moves were really good XDDDD
sin 「ジャーファルがいてくれたら問題ない」 ("this game will be easy since i have ja'far") _:(´ཀ`」 ∠):_ ぶええええーー萌え死ぬ!信頼関係萌え死ぬ!!
and they started doing the exile choo choo train move to show their team skills ( ◜◒◝ )ゲロカワッ!!!!!!

4) 「鏡の前でダンスをする神官」(an oracle dancing in front of a mirror) - hakuryuu / judar

5) 「吊り橋の上でリフティングをする貴族」(an aristocrat lifting weights on a bridge) - titus / sphintus
*titus acting out "aristocrat"*
mas 「紳士! 」 (gentleman!) 
haku 「伯爵!」  (lord!)
ju 「執事! 」 (butler!)
sin 「 黒執事!!!」  (BLACK BUTLER!!!)  やらかしたーwwwww 小野Dそれ言っちゃダメだろwww but it would have been hot if he said something in sebastian voice hshs (sinbad's seiyuu also voices sebastian from black butler)

all answers correct so they successfully rescued ohtaka sensei!
SO CUTE!!!! シンドリアトリオ可愛いーー可愛いーー好きだあああああーー!

Ohtaka sensei showed us the suits alibaba she colored!!!! (complete pic below) she wanted to add aladdin and morgiana too, so onto the next event...

ライブアフレコ – live recording!!!
kitaaa------but they were very serious this time…last year, they adlib-ed and it was hilarious so I was disappointed

ep 1 - sin sama and ja'far's 「俺はずるくなったか?」 ("have i become sly?")
_:(´ཀ`」 ∠):_  第112夜でシンジャ沼にダイビングしたと言っても過言ではない大好きなシーンです( ◜◒◝ )
sin 「ジャーファル、俺は、ずるくなったか?」 ("ja'far, have i become sly?")
ja 「そうですね、ずるくなりました。
あなたは色々なものを得すぎて、あなたの望まぬものに変わってしまった。」 ("that's right, you have become sly...you've achieved too many things and became what you didnt want to become")
sin 「・・・・」
ja 「でも、これがあなたの選んだ道だ、変わることも必然、前に進むしかありません。
どこまでもお供します」 ("but, this is the path you chose. things will inevitably change; you don't have any choice but to move forward. i will follow you to the end")
AAAAAAAH-----AAAAHHHHH------ ・゜・(PД`q。)・゜・ 素晴らシンジャあああああああ。・゚・(ノД`)・゚・。 漫画でも思ったけどこのシーンってもう!もう!シン様の黒さが見え隠れし始めた所に彼がどれだけ犠牲にてきたとか世界のために変わっちゃったけど本当は誰よりも優しいところとか王の覚悟とかそれを誰よりも理解して支えになるジャーファルの従者っぷりとか愛とか絆とか色々みえてきて人間くさくて素晴らしいね!!!!!暗い!切ない!愛おしい!!!シンジャのベースになる素晴らしいシーンだね!!!!生で見て泣いた!!!
*scene ends*
ja whispers 「なんちゃって」 (just kidding) LOL さくらいぃぃぃーーーwwwwww

ep 2 - morgiana and masrur training and talk about dark continent

ep 3 - aladdin, morgiana, and hakuryuu talk about how unpopular alibaba is & alibaba and sinbad talk about magoi manipulation

ep 6 - hakuryuu confesses to morgiana
hakuryuu said he was super embarassed (^q^)カワワワ

ep 13 - aladdin gropin titus' boobs and asking if he's a male

ep 12 - hakuryuu and judar with gyokuen
judar's voice was super hot (´﹃`*)♡ キムニイhshshs

ep 24 - morgiana catching alibaba + baal sin sama
morgiana was so cuuute------i really love the scene where she smiles X3
and baal sin sama's 「排除する!」  ("will be eliminated!") was super hot _:(´ཀ`」 ∠):_ バララーク・インケラード・サイカされたいいいいいーーーー
┗┏┗( ^o^ )┛┓┛ウホホーイウホホーイ バアルシン様かっこいいーー魔装大好きーーー

Intermission – バアル攻略編 後編 上映 - adventures of sinbad baal arc partB

(one of the flyers we got)
we got to watch the 2nd part of sinbad’s adventure-----!!!!! i wont spoil it since it's not out yet, but it was really good!!!!! tears everywhere----!!!!
sin sama came up on stage and said 「こんな素敵な子達に会えて嬉しいよ」("i'm happy to have met such lovely people you like guys") AAAAAH----小野Dに素敵って言われたああああーーー( ◜◒◝ )オマエジャネエ
then he narrated how much he loved going on adventures etc… and how he hopes we'll enjoy watching it (;w; ) baaw
He also told us there will be more OVA’s in the future! and how he'll try his best to sound young lol (「頑張って若い声出しましたよ~」 ) i love onoD's young sinbad voice (;w; ) so perfect!!!!! *sob sob*

9nine’s live stage of with you / with me, while the ed and some clips played on screen

seiyuus came out again along with ohtaka sensei!! she was petite and cute and had big boobs lol (well, big for an asian…)

she showed us the illustration she colored:
uwaaaah-----suits babaaaaa----her version of the magi fes illustration (;w; ) omg---! o(:3 )~('、3_ヽ)_
and another big guest! the chief editor for shonen sunday! he said this alibaba illust will be the cover for sunday vol 32 and they talked about upcoming projects like the magi boardgame
they left the stage saying they have a deadline tomorrow and must get back to work lol

the cast also said their ending speech
sin sama 「親愛なるシンドリア国民のみんな!マギを愛してくれてありがとう!」 ("my beloved citizens of sindria!  thank you for loving magi!")
he also said he was surprised to see aladdin grow into the role...touching speech but honestly i think ishihara kaori is horrible at acting out aladdin and still dont get why she got the role when everyone else is a big name seiyuu
sin sama said 「愛」 ("love") a lot so our hearts couldnt handle it lol

yoppi said he wanted to end with another live interaction…
alibaba prompted the audience to say 「我らにルフの祝福を」("give us the blessing of the rukh"), then aladdin responded with 「ソロモンの知恵!」("solomon's wisdom!")
photo not mine
A big disco ball popped up, hikari played, and the cast left the stage waving ヾ(´A`)ノ゚。ゥワァーン。

It was fun, but marahajan last year was a lot better…magi fes seemed to lack magi content and focused on the seiyuus more…also ViViD and 9nine’s stages were a waste of time for me im here to see sin sama, not you guys sorry
nevertheless, seeing ohtaka sensei live was amazing and the live recording scenes pulled my heartstrings----lol
onto the evening session!!!

i also have extra goods i managed to buy & other magi anime + doujin goods for sale here
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