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sinbad (magi) shrine lol

yay magi anime 2nd season!  the manga is SO MUCH better and 1st season kinda ruined a lot of things, but im happy with second season so far and seeing all the characters in action XD  not to mention all the hot seiyuu voices---!
also anime means more merchandise 8DDDDD  i love to collect things...so here is an unhealthy post on my sinbad (magi) shrine XD;;;;;;

 photo 2013-09-02210147.jpg

(sorry for the photo quality!)
 photo 2013-09-02210147.jpg
 i made it in the corner of my sewing room as a motivation when making cosplay XD;;;;
the table cloth is a gigantic tapestry from a crane game. the sinbad one is an official bed sheet lol

 photo 2013-09-02210405.jpg

 photo 2013-09-02210749.jpg
DFX Sinbad...i wish they'd release a high quality scaled sinbad (;w; )  this one looks like jamil...
Chibi-Arts Sinbad & Ha-ou (crotch leaf)
Kyun Chara Ichibankuji Sinbad
Kyun Chara Prize Sinbad & Ja’far
Color Colle Sinbad, Ha-ou, & Ja’far

 photo 2013-09-02210510.jpg
2013-4 schedule book from animedia + sindria doujin stickers.  the inside pages are all magi and really cute X3
sindria pass case from 8 generals puchi only event with "i love sinbad" keychain lol X3  i use it for my transit pass
sinbad & 8 generals IC sticker to dress up your cards 8D  i put it on my suica in japan
sinbad perfume in the top right corner...waifu smell hshs ^q^
post-it notes in the bottom right corner

more stationary X3  it has 4 cards (aladdin / alibaba / morgiana / sin-ja-mas) & 3 sin sama papers (baal / focalor / zepar)

 photo 2013-09-02210443.jpg
anime guide book
prince animage (sinja 8D) featuring a long interview with ohtaka sensei
cosmode with sindria cosplayers
sinja pouches from yubinbasya, novelty from comiket
kuma mate sinbad outfit

 photo 2013-09-02211319.jpg
sinbad and ja'far straps / hangings
cookie straps & ja'far's balalark sei straps from senya ichiya magi only event
crystal dome kinzokuki strap
figurine straps 1st and 2nd ed
magi strap collection sinbad (this is one of the first magi items out, before the anime X3)
animate cafe limited charms
D4 rubber straps
quotation charms ED sin-baal-foca
little accessories collection sinbad and ja'far
chara fortume sinbad and ja'far

 photo 2013-09-02210848.jpg
bikkuri magi sticker collection so far X3
these first came with very select volumes of manga 11 and 12, so some stickers (like baal sin) were considered quite rare. then they started to include them in the guidebook (alf layla wa layla), some shonen sundays, 3DS game, limited BD and DVD sets...give me back the money i spent on the mangas OTL

 photo 2013-09-02210947.jpg
manga & dvds...i admit i only own the volumes i esp like XD;;;;
official guide book alf laylah wa laylah
adventure of sinbad prototype...i bought the 1st lmtd ed dvd cuz i wanted this!!!  little sin sama moe!!!
clear boards

 photo 2013-09-02210957.jpg
doujin memo pads XD  the btm one is super cute, king-sin sama turns into crotch-leaf-sin sama when you flip the cover lol

 photo 2013-09-02210931.jpg
sinja doujinshi, i have about 150 (...which makes me a noob compared to my friends)
some of my fav circles are: なんだって (nandatte) / 空からふる一億のルフ (sora kara furu ichioku no rufu) / siod / OPT / jigsaw / 7sec
with sin sama and ja'far plushies...i had to fight fan girls to buy these OTL  the ja'far and alibaba sold out so quickly!!!

 photo 2013-09-02211112.jpg
sports towel
ACE 2013 limited cushion, the other side is judar chan
maharajan anime event tote bag and light.  the light turns 7 diff colors.
crotch leaf tote bag lol
toaster!!!!  it makes crotch leaf toast...best toast ever!

 photo 2013-09-02211041.jpg
maharajan anime event uchiwa fans.  the event felt like a concert with the uchiwa fans and light lol
8 generals puchi only event uchiwa fan
sindria souvenir smoked southern squid XD
sinbad x ja'far bracelet...this is an official merch sold at the anime event LOL  they know their stuff lol
cell phone stand
mug cup

 photo 2013-09-02211149.jpg
onto the posters X3  most of the anime ones are from magazines likes animedia 8D
the sinbad + 8 generals one is a promotional poster 8DDDD

 photo 2013-09-02211021.jpg
suuuuuits 8DDDDD  pamphlet from maharajan anime event with ohtaka sensei's drawing and autograph X3

 photo 2013-09-02211217.jpg
another anime promotion poster (most right)
the manga sin sama is life size _:(´ཀ`」 ∠):_ , focalor sin sama is a poster for shonen sunday S
chibi chara towel from maharajan anime event X3

 photo 2013-09-02221318.jpg
shonen sunday-s with sin sama on the cover.  i really prefer the manga art over anime, he's so much more beautiful *nosebleed*

 photo 2013-09-02230044.jpg
clear boards & files also displayed around 8D

 photo 2013-09-02210249.jpg
sin-bag *shot* XD;;;;;  i take it with me to cons
the pins are from animate cafe, anime event, and doujin events.
the patch says 葉王 with the crotch leaf lol

 photo 2013-09-02210343.jpg
magi umbrella XD  i live in a very rainy city lol

 photo 2013-09-02221255.jpg
waifu growing up...i feel like a creepy stalker but it's ok he's 2D and cant press charges!
new born, 3 yrs old, 5 yrs old, 14 yrs old, 29 yrs old and 30 yrs old...hurhur ^q^ how nicely you grew up *shot*

my phone lol  i got a foca-sin sticker and sindria hard case custom made...hopefully the hard case is pretty enough and hides my creepiness at first glance

but when im excited i go all out with keychains and am creepy anyways XD;;;;

sinbad's accessories and kinzokuki-s i made for cosplay (minus the baal sword which was still drying when i took this photo)

if anyone wants to cos together, here is my magi gallery and cosplay page 8D im in canada and go to north american cons mostly on the westcoast
(made: ja'far, postcard ja'far, fem ja'far, ren kougyoku, scheherazade, yamuraiha, for myself, and sinbad, postcard sinbad, hakuryuu for my bf and friends)

and finally my bed XD;;;;;  lol

edit 1 recent items i got...

recent purchases----(some arent magi XD;;;)

i've been looking for this idol sinbad autograph board for so long----it was a animate physical store only present for dvd/bd vol 3
the double sin sama postcard was a gift when you buy both sinbad no bouken 1 and magi 18
the omake manga postcard came with vol 18; kou and sindria are going for a retreat together lol

edit 2: purchases from my 2014 trip to japan :)

double magi toaster!!!! XDDDDDD  got the sindria trio one----this was a last one prize so im very happy XD

all 3 magi books came out the day i was leaving, so i ran to the bookstore before boarding plane XDDDD i was afraid of missing them, but even got the omake postcards and stickers XD

magi perfect fan book X3

magazine with postcard magi poster!!! i love these outfits!!

2014-01-12 21.57.55
purchases from super comic city (some are not magi) and k-books----<3  siod (eno)'s art book is beautiful!!!

mug cups:

official sinbad, ja'far and masrur
waka sin (young sinbad) & ko ja (child ja'far)

clear files:

animate special limited ed.  got it as a present for reserving sinbad's adventure vol 3
sindria from shonen sunday S.  this art was originally for a raffle prize; one of my fav official magi arts!!!!!
siod (eno) postcard outfit sinja art

clear bookmarks with sin sama 8D

sin sama charms from ani kuji (lottery prizes)

sin sama badge

finally got a kuma-mate (animate official bear) for my sinbad bear!  he was originally blue but i dyed him purple XD lol

got a new phone so made it magi again XDDDDD
the front art is from namby pamby, and the back is from nandatte date

also got a magi cover X3  this chibi art is so cute!

edit 3 - sakura con 2014
i was a cosplay staff as ja'far and got to work with magi anime's director, character designer, producer and english VAs (thanks to aniplex and ACP) XDDDD  i got autographs (SIN SAMA SO HOT!!!!) and photos with the guests for helping out X3
the other sin sama goods are presents from friends at the con----thank you <3 (report here)

micro fibre cloths, tapestry, tile coaster, keychains, stickers, and badges

edit 5 - goods from magi fes, ani kuji and others i found on my may-june 2014 trip

magi fes goods

magi fes pamphlet with anime & manga images and seiyuu photos & interviews
casual t-shirt badges and straps 三十路なのに高校生みたいな格好してる王様がたまらなく愛おしい\( ‘ω’)/
suits ticket holder for buying a dvd/bd/cd
magi exhibit limited ed sindria strap (the back is ja'far and masrur)
clear folders...i won 9 sets OTL

event pamphlet and sinja goods----!!!!  the suits artwork is so hot and they totally look like they are linking arms lol

bought 2 dvd-s since i wanted the ticket holder and they had special discs for maharajan (last year's event)

ani kuji - these are lottery prizes, you buy a ticket and pray to god you win the item you want...
I MANAGED TO GET SIN SAMA AND EN SAMAAAA----!!!!  they were a "last one prize" meaning you have to buy the last ticket in order to get it...i bought out all the remaining tickets so i can get this OTL   it's a special metallic ver

HE IS SO CUTE!!! ┗┏┗( ^o^ )┛┓┛


hand towels

sindria badge set

suits postcard!!!  every chara except ja'far (and muu not pictured here) had voice codes with special thank you messages <3

chibi chara postcards

other merch

good night posters

magi and sinbad no bouken clear file - an animate special present for buying both comics

same as above but a bookmark...they keep reusing that sin sama image and i keep falling for it cuz HE IS SO DAMN HOT HERE _:(´ཀ`」 ∠):_ 公式がズルイ!!!!わかってらっしゃる!!!

grand ani chara sinbad and ja'far along with my other figures in the back X3

i end up with a lot of doubles when trying to get popular items, so here is a sales post if anyone is interested XD;;;  there are discounts and free gifts too :)

and here is my figurecollection.net if anyone wants to be friends X3

thanks for looking through this long post-----∫ σ∴σ) シンッ!

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