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anime expo 2013 - day 1 (magi: ja'far / fem!ja / kougyoku)

(written in sept, back-dated to july)
day 1 thu jul 4 - ja'far / fem!ja / kougyoku (all magi)
a magi packed day! went to 2 magi gatherings and 3 shoots...

 photo group4.jpg

woke up early and ironed our ja'far and sinbad costumes while trying to wake up john...the accuracy hurts OTL
had a croissant, fruit salad and blueberry juice for bfast...actually, that was my quick bfast for all 4 days (・∀・ )

 photo 2013-07-06153312.jpg
yay we're here!

 photo _DSC0796.jpg
im ready (・`ω・)ドヤッ lol  made many magi friends over my bag and fans lol

magi gathering
went to the first magi gathering and there were lots of ppl, but it was a little unorganized so a few ppl left (heard a lot of "i saw a [chara] but i think she left...") XD;;;;

 photo agroupsin.jpg
all the sin sama-s <3 (john on the most right)
come on waifus, come closer, it's okay dont be shy 8DDDDDDD

 photo agroupja.jpg
and all the ja san-s (me in the middle)

we were inside first, but took up too much space so staff asked us to move outside...too bad it was blazing hot and sunny OTL took a few photos and we also left X3;;;;
explored the dealers' and visited friends in the artist alley; it was huge! (as everyone told me lol)

acp meet up
more organization and a lot more ppl that we spilled out from the aniplex booth and blocked a chunk of the dealer's XD;;;;

 photo group5.jpg

 photo group2.jpg
the group photo was huge, we couldnt all fit XD;;; yay lots of magi love ヽ(゚ー゚*ヽ)(ノ*゚ー゚)ノ

 photo group.jpg
everyone was so nice and said they liked our costumes (;w; ) also got a lot of hugs オヤオヤ(・∀・;)

 photo groupkou.jpg
cant believe there are photos of this haha XD  the kougyoku-s in front of me got stuck so i untangled them lol  heard ppl say "mama-jafar" lol

 photo groupjaju3.jpg
with dear faecakes judar chan <3 someone asked for jafar and judar group pic lol we need to throw in some sin sama-s lol

 photo groupja.jpg
ja'far group (√ㅎ∵ㅎ)シンッ

 photo groupsin.jpg
my friends commented "your kougyoku is showing" here lol XD;;;; cant help it, all them waifus (p゚∀゚q)モエー (thanks jingie for finding the photo!)

watched the king's game for a bit, but john's foot was bleeding from the sin sama shoes so we went back to our room to rest...fantastic accurate shoes are the most painful i wonder why, oh right, cuz i made them instead of a proper shoemaker XD;;;;
after eating and passing out (food coma lol), we had a shoot X3

 photo _DSC0367.jpg

sinbad & ja'far shoot
we didnt have a photog so used a tripod XD;;; someday i'll have a proper magi shoot...

 photo _DSC0372.jpg
the lights look like rukh X3

 photo _DSC0370.jpg

 photo _DSC0327.jpg
「ですからお酒は控えてくださいとアレほど、ってシン、聞いておりますか?」 ("that is why i asked you to not drink so much...sin, are you listening?")
「わかったわかった、スマンスマン」 ("yes yes im sorry im sorry")

 photo _DSC0356.jpg
「イラッ)反省してませんね?」 ("...you weren't listening were you?") 

tl;dr  my fav sinja is the loyalty battle mode fighting "as you command my king" kinda sinja...('、3_ヽ)_メロメロ
 photo _DSC0347.jpg

 photo _DSC329.jpg

 photo _DSC0350.jpg
i want to see these two fight enemies...i will prob cry and die from moe

 photo _DSC0385.jpg
「まったくヤムライハときたら、何でこんな事に」(ブチブチ) ("why did this happen to me, yamuraiha really needs to stop *cut cut*")
モジャ!シンドリアの女神やらかしたwww the long hair ja'far from vol 17 omake XDDD  長髪ファルたんマジ天使だったあのオマケ漫画神 シャルヤムも最高だった _(´ω`_ )ノバタバタ

quickly changed into fem!ja...

 photo _DSC0408.jpg

this cos is based on ohtaka sensei's original sketch of female ja'far and sinbad included in the BD/DVD vol 4
it was a bit hard to figure out the design from scribbles but sewing it was really easy XD

 photo _DSC0429.jpg

 photo _DSC0447.jpg

 photo _DSC0451.jpg
assassin mode.  id like fem-ja-chan to be super strong and kick ass lol

 photo _DSC0449.jpg
but otome when thinking of sin sama...

 photo _DSC0420.jpg

 photo _DSC0407.jpg

 photo _DSC0408.jpg
for him i can kill

had to run to my shoot with judar chan so quickly changed into kougyoku----

 photo _DSC0468.jpg

kougyoku & judar
fae said she could make it to AX and was bringing shinkan judar, so i stuffed kougyoku into my luggage last min X3  we had another shoot on day 3 but here are few for now...(photo thanks to john)

 photo _DSC0468.jpg
shinkan judar chan cos was so gorgeous XD  we both suffered under our many layers and kept getting everyone to rearrange our robes for photos XD;;;;

met more magi cosplayers....

"oooh---look at me, im hakuryuu, look how strong i am----"
bullying every hakuryuu cosplayer we see XD

 photo _DSC0496.jpg
i wish it wasnt so hot, i want to wear kougyoku more often!

 photo _DSC0478.jpg
「おいババァ、何してんだよ」 ("hey old hag, what are you doing?")
「ジュダルちゃんってば意地悪しないでよぉ」 ("don't be so mean judar chan!")

afterwards, fae, miriam (her sinbad lol), john (my sinbad lol) and i all went to yard house--X3  sinju sinja dinner lol XD

sorry my crappy phone photos dont look appetizing but my first try at chilaquiles, it was good 8D

john and i got another burger, but i forgot which one XD;;; it was a diff one and we had garlic fries this time...but i cant remember!

had a lot of fangirling and i vaguely remember getting more ice cream on the way home XD;;;  what a busy magi filled day----!
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