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Magi Anime Event (Maharajan) Report - 2/3 Afternoon Session

Magi Anime Event (After Party - Maharajan) Report Part 2
『マギ』後夜祭 -マハラガーン-

you can find part 1 here and part 3 here

* even tho i strive for accuracy, i may be remembering wrong...plz dont shoot me lol
* when the seiyuus talk, i will refer to them with their character name so it's easier to follow, hope this doesnt offend anyone!
* this report will comment an lot on Sinbad (Ono Daisuke) and Ja'far (Sakurai Takahiro) cuz i love sin sama and sinja a lot XD;;;
* all photos are mine, please credit my LJ (uzuki) or tumblr (sin-sama-wa-ore-no-yome) if using anywhere ^ ^
* i suck at drawing so i borrowed the imgs from pixiv, you can click on them to go to the author's page.

Magi Anime Event (Maharajan) Report - 2/3 Afternoon Session

the afternoon content was heavier on the balbadd arc.  seiyuus as follows:
aladdin: ishihara kaori 石原夏織
alibaba: kaji yuki 梶裕貴
morgiana: tomatsu haruka 戸松遥
sinbad: ono daisuke 小野大輔
ja'far: sakurai takahiro 櫻井孝宏
judar: kimura ryohei 木村良平
cassim: fukuyama jun 福山潤
ugo kun: morikawa toshiyuki 森川智之
kakoubun: suzumura kenichi 鈴村健一

came back into the venue and lined up for seating.
on the way in, they gave us flyers and a sheet with O and X (true/false) on each side for a game.

my seat was first floor and in the middle, edge of the aisle XD
the 2 girls in front of me were sinbad fangirls, the girl behind me was a sakurai (ja'far's voice) fangirl and the girl beside me a kensho kun (hakuryuu) fan girl...not sure why she was here cuz kensho kun was in the evening session XD;;;;
anyways, i was in a good crowd :) they screamed and cried as hard as i did XDDDDD i shared my pamphlet with the girls beside me cuz they couldnt buy one.

im ready lol 8D  (the ox sheet, event pamphlet, light and uchiwa fan) 8D lol  the event light changes colors when lit up :)

also wore the SinJa wrist band lol the girls infront of me said these were sold out when they got to the table so i felt lucky 8D

they played commercials (anime, DS, mobage, sinbad's adventure) while waiting


「おはようからおやすみまで、貴女を縛りたい。ジャーファル役櫻井孝宏です」 ("i want to tie you up day and night, this is sakurai takahiro as ja'far")
JAAAAAAAFAAAAAAAAAAAAR---------!!!!!!!! everyone screaming and swinging around their lights lol  moe----moeeeee----!!!!!

ja'far was the emcee, he announced the character and cast names one by one while the imgs came on the big back screen.
they came in through the side doors, went down the audience aisle and onto the stage (*A* )

order of entrance:
aladdin - audience yells "kawaii-!", ja'far comments 「可愛いですよねぇわかります」("yes, i know she is cute") lol
alibaba - ja'far comments 「梶君かっこいい!」("kaji kun kakkoii!") lol
morgiana - ja'far comments ちょっとセクシー ("a little bit sexy) hahaha
sinbad - HE THEW A KISS AT THE AUDIENCE *SWOON*  ja'far asked him to turn a bit so he twirled once lol
judar - he also threw a kiss 8DDD hurhurhur
ugo kun - held the mic like a recorder lol
cassim - the screams for him were intense lol as expected of fukujun lol
kakoubun - コマネチ!したw (google the joke if u dont get it lol)

they all started talking on stage (>W< )

alibaba said 「皆様のエネルギー、いえ、マゴイがすごいです!」 ("all of your energy, i mean magoi, is incredible!") and judar copied him in his speech lol
alibaba was being picked on throughout the event (that's our kaji kun lol).

sin sama said 「やぁ君たち!今日はいい天気だね!」 ("hey guys!  nice weather today!") and stood like crotch-leaf-sin-sama lol
he was wearing a purple shirt + weird-pattern dark blue jacket with intense shoulder pads + black pants hnnnnng (*A* ).  キモカッコイイw
judal: 「バカ殿、今日肩すごいじゃん」 ("stupid king, your shoulder is intense today")
sinbad: 「肩マゴイがつまっているんだ!」 ("it's filled with shoulder-magoi")
cassim & kakoubun: 「溜まると爆発するんだ」  ("when it's full, his shoulders are gonna explode")
the joke of the night was 肩パッD (shoulder paD) and  肩マゴイ爆発です (shoulder-magoi explosion) LOL

other magoi jokes:
脇マゴイ (arm pit magoi)  手マゴイ (hand magoi)  = arm pit sweat and hand sweat LOL  this is a magi radio joke
皆のマゴイ(everyone's magoi) = the audience's cheers, applause and event light swinging lol

me already crying from sinbad happiness overload lol  but i wasnt the only one, girls around me had tears in their eyes too lol

ダンジョン攻略!- conquerer the dungeon!
the objective of this event was for the seiyuus to conquer a dungeon through many games.  if any one of the win, they can all move onto the next game.  there were prizes too :)

1) マギがえ(間違い)探し - magi gae sagashi - find the difference
two imgs of the anime popped up and you have to find what is different about them.
some pictures i remember (might be wrong...):
the dvd omake poster where alibaba, morgiana, aladdin, sinbad, jafar, masrur are eating/sitting
sinbad's crotch leaf scene lol
sindria arc poster with the 8 generals

sinbad danced the yatta! dance (from happa tai...the happa dance) when he got it right LOL

prize: 笛ラムネ (whistle candy...笛 = flute / whistle = aladdin lol)
aladdin: "i love this candy!"
ugo kun: "if YOU blow on it, i come out 8D" sounded perverted cuz aladdin's seiyuu is a cute little girl lol

2) ○×ゲーム - true or false game
the screen split into 2 (O true or X false) and the seiyuus moved to the side they thought was correct.  only the winning seiyuus get to answer the next question.  questions were read out by ja'far btw 8D
if the question was too hard, they could use "telephone" and "audience" once.  this is why we were given the OX sheets

prize: 煌帝国(中華)料理 (kou empire (chinese) cuisine)

jafar:「じゃあ試しにやってみましょう。小野大輔は〇か×か?」 ("okay! let's try this out!  is ono daisuke O or X?")
sinbad: 「!?」 ("!?")
i flapped around my O sheet--XDDDD
jafar and sinbad kept picking on and playing with each other...oh god sinja please oh god *foam*  thank you for the treat lol

first question, "shounen sunday is on sale every monday" (false = every wednesday)
everyone goes towards X, but judar pushes alibaba to the O side lol
alibaba:「なんか木村くんが「お前面白いからあっちいけ!」て言ってきます!!」 ("kimura kun is telling me 'go to that side so it'll be more funny' !!")
sinbad:「木村くんジュダってるねぇ」 ("kimura kun is judar-ing") (judar-ing = to do something bad (腹黒い)this is a magi radio joke)
alibaba:「堕天させようとしてきます」("he's trying to make me fall into depravity!"
judar ignores them lol
jafar「みんなで協力して行ってください」("please work together everyone") lol

judar and cassim kept trolling (saying wrong answers etc) so none of the seiyuus trusted them even if they had the correct answer lol

other questions that i can remember:
Q) the only seiyuu whose birthday already passed is tomatsu haruka (false - morikawa san's passed too)
Q) the event light changes 7 different colors (true) - the seiyuus kept staring at the audience lights lol
Q) if you add up sinbad's djinn's dungeon numbers (baal = 1st, zepar = 16th, focalor = 41st dungeon etc), they add up to 200 (false - 189)
Q) in the event picture, the only one who isnt wearing a tie is sinbad (true)
Q) yunan was the last one to speak in the anime (true)
Q) the second youngest eight general is spartos (false - masrur)

Q) the watch sakurai wears in the event pamplet is pointing to 3:00 (false)
they decided to use the "audience" card for this one so i frantically looked through my pamplet while all the girls around me asked if they could look through it too.  of course XD  it was false so we all held up the X card.

Q) adhmad saluja is the 23rd king of balbadd (true)
they decided to use the "telephone" card and the phone connected to ono kensho, hatano wataru, and ookubo rumi (hakuryuu, spartos and pisti) back stage!!!!
they had all the volumes of magi so hakuryuu found the answer, true XD
judar: "kenshou----<3 <3 <3"
hakuryuu: "ryouhei saaan <3"   these two were bff lol  more on that in the evening session...

Q) sinbad's anime appearance was on nov 25th (false)
audience for this too...except no one really remembered lol.  cassim said this is false since his birthday is nov 26th and he remembers it being a different episode, but no one believed him LOL  boy who cried wolf...

the only winner standing was kakoubun!!!  he was surprised and said 「一番出番少ないのに!」 ("im in this show the least!") LOL
cassim, sinbad, followed by the rest of the male seiyuus ran to him and all started hugging lol
everyone can move onto the third game now XD

intermission) sneak peek of Adventure of Sinbad
the seiyuus went back stage and jafar announced the surprise XD everyone screamed lol
it started from darius running and ended where 5 yr old sin sama says "take me out to sea too!".
they played one panel at a time (like a slide show) and bgm was sinbad's character song, "sail for triumph"
everyone screamed at super cute 5 yr old sin sama, and even louder at sin sama's good looking dad, badr san (;w; )

i cried so hard OTL  it was embarrassing
they were such a happy family and we all know it's gonna end badly and bgm was sin sama singing how he's going to fight for everyone's happiness and ALL THE FEELS IT WAS JUST TOO MUCH OKAY?!?!?!?!
im a mess every week after reading adventures of sinbad OTL  stop giving me so much feels young sinbad you...

ja'far came out again followed by the rest of the cast
「シンにもこんな時期があったのですね、安心しました」 ("it was nice seeing how sin had a time like this too")
(;W: ) JA-SAN baaaaw-----

3) あっちむいてマギ(ほい)- acchi muite magi - look that way magi!
this is a popular japanese game, originally named "acchi muite hoi":
1 rock paper scissors
2 the winner points their finger and says "acchi muite magi!", on the "magi!" they point either left, right, up or down.
3 if you look the way that was pointed, you lose.  if you dont, you rock paper scissors again
4 continue until one person looks the pointed way.
(google or youtube it if my explanation sucks lol)

prize: 世界何処でも旅行プレゼント (a ticket for travelling anywhere in the world)
alibaba: "is this for real?!?!?"
jafar: "this is for real"  ...idk if it was really real but what a cool prize
a "fairy" named ほい (hoi) came out...he was a muscular dude with a wrestling mask on XD;;;;; jafar explains he's a fairy who is very good at acchi muite hoi...okay...lol

the audience all yelled じゃんけんぽん!あっちむいて、マギ!!("rock paper scissors! look that way, magi-!!!") together while swinging around the event lights

VS judar (judar wins)
VS morgiana (morgiana wins)
VS cassim (cassim wins)

....jafar asks hoi why he isnt winning lol  hoi says he's lacking magoi so the audience all cheered hoi on and tried to give him magoi lol

VS kakoubun, he says he sucks at this game lol (hoi wins)
VS sinbad, 「脇マゴイが凄いんだけど・・・」("i have lots of arm pit magoi right now...")  (sinbad wins)
VS aladdin (aladdin wins)

hoi 1 win, 5 losses XD;;;;;  he said "i needed more magoi" at the end and left the stage XD;;;;

everyone was excited about winning the travel ticket until ja'far said 「迷宮の中にいてはどこにも行けません」 ("you cant go anywhere if you dont get out of the dungeon" 8D)
XD;;;;  kakoubun yelled out 「はかったな!クソ眼鏡!!」("you tricked us!  stupid glasses!!") lol  ja'far's seiyuu wore glasses
ja'far:「最終試練を受けてもらいます。内容は……生アフレコ!!」 ("the final obstacle is, live recording!")

final round) ダンジョン脱出!名シーンアフレコ - escape the dungeon! live recording!
KYAAAAAAAAAAAA----------------omg omg omg------*flail* my life is now complete----ah omg aaaaaah-----lol

they brought out a 魔力計測器 (magoi measuring machine), ja'far explained it was made by NASA lol
it will measure the audiences' magoi (cheering, screaming, and clapping), once the meter reaches 100%, you can get out of the dungeon 8D
after watching the original clip, the seiyuus will go up to the mic and can either do it seriously, or adlib and make it funny. ja'far encouraged making it funny so there will be more magoi lol

im just remembering some of the funny lines and they might be inaccurate but here it goes...

ep1, aladdin and alibaba at the hostess place and elizabeth comes out
ali:「あの~アラジンさんはおっぱいを揉んでらっしゃるんですよね?」 ("so--aladdin san enjoys touching boobs?")
ala:「むふふ~おっぱいだよ~」 ("mufufu---yes---boobies---")
ali:「そ、そうですか」 ("ah, i see...")
ala:「いつか君も揉めるよ~」 ("you can touch them one day too---")
ali:「俺も楽しんじゃおっかな 今揉んじゃおっかな!!?」 ("m-maybe i'll enjoy them today...maybe i'll touch them today!")
*enter elizabeth* LOL
lol i've never heard おっぱい repeated so much lol aladdin and alibaba high-fived and said this is their friendship after 25 eps lol too cute XD

ep 6, morgiana beats up all the bandits
the rest of the seiyuus decided to play the bandits and sound effects lol
everyone:「うえ~ウエッヒッヒッ」 ("ue-uehehehehehehehehe")
mor:「盗賊のみなさん、少しお話があるのですが」 ("excuse me bandits, i need to talk to you")
everyone:「ギャハハハハハ!!」 ("gyahahahahahahaha!!")
*morgiana starts beating everyone up*
everyone: 「アニキィ!」("brother!")
everyone: 「ぐしゃあ!」「ばーん!」「ぎゃあ!」("gushaa---! bam! gya!" *sfx*)
mor:「あたたたたたたたーっ!!お前はもう死んでいる」 ("atatatatatata---!! you, are already dead")
北斗の拳www (fist of the north star) lol

ep 7, sinbad (葉王) first appears with crotch leaf
ja'far stepped up saying he had something important and took out a cardboard cut out of the leaf LOL
*jafar goes on one knee*
sexy jafar voice: 「シン、お願いします」 ("sin, please use this")
*hands over leaf to sinbad*
sexy sinbad voice: 「ああ、任せろ」 ("leave it to me")
AAAAAAAAAAH--------*rolls around with tears* なんて素敵な素晴らシンジャーーーうおおおーーーit looked like the scene where sin sama gives alibaba the sword lol

cassim then took it from sinbad's hands, crouched from behind and held it up to sinbad's crotch LOL LOL LOL

ala: 「あの丘の向こうに、アリババくんがいるんだ!」 ("alibaba-kun is there, over that hill!" ^ ^)

sin: 「俺だよ俺、アリババだよ。俺もびっくりしたよ。朝起きたら腹筋われてるんだもん」 ("it's me, alibaba! i was surpised, i woke up one morning and i got incredible abs!")
ala: 「モルさん気をつけて!変質者だよ!!」 ("omg mor-san watch out! it's a pervert!!!")
mor:「下がっていてくださいアラジンさん、ここは私が蹴り飛ばします」 (stand back aladdin, i'll kick him to death!!")
sin: 「あー違うよ!アリババだよ!」 ("no no it's me! alibaba!!")

ala: 「おじさんの事変質者だと思ってたよ」 ("sorry ojisan, i thought you were a pervert...")
sin: 「うん、服が違うとわからないもんな」("yeah, it's hard to tell when your clothes are different")
ala: 「ごめんよう、僕にはへんしちゅちゃ(噛んだ)にしか」 ("sorry you look like a perverchu-" (she bit her tongue and said it wrong lol so cute)

cassim held up the leaf during the entire scene, but it slowly started to shift to the side...
ja:「途中でずれてこんにちわしてましたね」 ("his thing was starting to show half way")
cas:「前を向くとDの尻があって耐えられなくなった!」 ("i couldnt fix it cuz whenever i looked up, onoD's butt was in my face")
LOL o-of course nothing was really showing but i wouldnt have mind-*coughcoughahem*


ep 17, cassim and alibaba friends forever (cassim's death scene)
they did the whole thing seriously.  cassim commented it was kind of hard to do it after sin sama's crotch leaf scene lol
alibaba's live「俺たち...友達だろ!!!! was so touching and we all cried (;w; ) baaaw

ep 17, balalark trio defeat isnaan
uooooooo--------baaaaaaal------omg-----balalark sei!!!!! balalark saikaaaaaa!!!!!!

sinbad went up to the mic holding the leaf again lol
cassim sexy voice:「D、俺の助けはいるかい?」("D, do you need my help again?")
sin sexy voice: 「潤、ここは俺一人で」("jun, i'll do this myself this time...")
ja'far looked at sinbad, sinbad looked back and nodded so we thought this was going to be a serious scene...

masrur: 「眷属器 バララーク・カウーザ」  ("household vessel, balalark kauza")  i wish hosoyan came ;w;

ja:「眷属器 バララーク・セイ!」 ("household vessel, balalark sei!") fffff ovaries explode aaahhh delicious jafar voice!!!!
sin: *holds leaf high up in the air*
ja:「え?シン様?何を-」("eh? sin sama? what are you-")

sin: 「バララーク・なんとかぁぁぁぁ!!」 (BALALARK SOMETHING!!!")
ja: 「おいいいっ!!...貴方を信じた私がバカでした」("HEY!! ...it was stupid of me to trust you")

LOL ONO D LOL i wanted to hear his balalark saika, but maaaaaan i thought i was gonna die from moe with ja'far's live serious balalark sei (*A* ) hnnnnnng------ja-saaaaaaan------*headwall*

ep 19, kakoubun cries to kougyoku and ja'far spits on him
ka:「しかたなかったんだよ!出番少ないからこうするしかー!!」 ("i couldnt help it! this was the only way for me to get screen time!")
*kougyoku hugs him and says it's okay etc)
ka:「さっき俺があっちむいてマギで一人負けした所もうみんな忘れてるでありますな」 ("fufu, everyone has already forgotten that i was the only one who lost at acchi muite magi")
ja:「カァァァァペッッッ!」 (*hacking-up-gross-spitting*)

LOL all the girls screamed in happiness when ja'far spat lol spit on me too ja-san----! lol
sin: "that was some intense spitting jafar"
ja: "yes, i hacked it all up" 8D
oh god i love you spit on me too spit on meeeeee-----

ep 10, ugo kun VS judar
ju:「俺だって紅玉に抱きつきたかったのに夏構文のヤローー!」 ("i wanted to hug kougyoku too! damn kakoubun!")
cas:「ドババババ(効果音) ("dobabababa *sfx*)
ugo funny voice:「アラジーン!ほんとに俺と友達になってよかったのーん」 ("aladi--n! was it really ok for me to be your furendo---?")
ju:「お前のジンキャラ変わってんじゃねえか!」 ("your djinn's character is all wrong now!")
ali:「木村良平イイイイイ!」 ("kimura ryouheiiii-!!")
ka:「ドカーーン(効果音) ("baaam! *sfx*)
sin:「梶くん!」 ("kaji-kun!")
ala:「森川くん!」 ("morikawa-kun!")
ugo funny voice:「オレはキャラ変わってなんかない!!」 ("my character has not changed!")
cas:「ボボボボボボ(効果音 ("bobobobobo *sfx*)
ala:「もうやめてよ森川くん!やめて!」 ("please stop morikawa-kun! stop!!")

chaos lol everyone went up to the mic and did sound effects or screaming in the back lol

ending - last words
the magoi meter successfully maxed and everyone escaped from the dungeon! yaaay---*clap clap*
jafar sounded a bit dissappointed but congratulated them and started wrapping things up (;w; )
paper cut out rukh-s rained down onto the stage and each seiyuu said a thank you speech (;w; )  everyone said something along the lines of "thank you" "it was fun" "i hope we meet again"...me crying some more (;w; )
gold streamers shot out (i caught 2 lol) and they went back stage one by one while waving...baaaaw (;w; )

other note worthy moe lol:
* cassim, ugo kun and judar kept trolling and making jokes lol alibaba was constantly being picked on lol 梶君いじりmoewww
* sin sama kept dancing the yatta dance and ja'far kept telling him to stop 葉っぱ違いwww 何かリアルシンジャで仲良しで見ててキュンキュンしたw
* sin sama sits handsomly, one leg over the other on the ankle area...omg so handsome, everything about this man was so handsome hnnng lol
* sakurai had glasses on so judar called him メガネ (megane = glasses) and everyone was pointing it our throughout the night lol (i.e., "you stupid megane!"  "shut up you megane!" etc)  glasses ja'far, hurhur 8D  i'd like to also mention he had shorts and neon orange socks on lol

it was crazy getting out...long line up at the stairs, escalators, washrooms, and chaos again at the goods sales lol
i managed to find another staircase so rested there before going to the konbini again XD;;;;

me the whole afternoon lol  my throat and eyes hurt from all the screaming and crying but aaaah----it was so glorious and so much magi love and oh man all my heart (;w; )
onto the evening session next :)  thank you for reading this long long text!!!

(edit - added counter for monitoring...im having bandwidth problems)
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i also have extra goods i managed to buy & other magi anime + doujin goods for sale here
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