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Japan - Butler Cafe Swallowtail (day 6)

Tue 1 - ikebukuro (butler cafe swallowtail)

I particularly dont have a butler moe, but a lot of my friends ask me if im going to a butler cafe...so, why not? and checked out swallowtail XD
(photos are a mix from my cell, free magazine i got and ones i found online)

reservation is mandatory and must be done online; you can do this 15 days in advance and they will email confirmations.  each time slot is 80min and 120min for dinner only.
They have very little "1 seat" slots available and they are gone FAST!!  I was pretty fast at checking reservations but they were gone already and had to book a slot for 2 ppl.  i emailed them regarding this and they said I am welcome to come alone, but need to pay 1000yen extra for the "missing person".  bf said he wanted to go too so it worked out in the end X3

they have a board in front with all the timeslots, saying if they are "booked" or "open", so if you're lucky you can go in, but I wouldn't risk it (> <)

red = full, blue = empty...but most of the blue is open only cuz it's for bigger groups.

we arrived 15min prior and went down the stairs.  the doorman greeted us with "おかえりなさいませ、お嬢様" (welcome home my lady). he looked like yukio from ao no lol. 
i told them my name to check reservations and he seated us on a pretty sofa.  another girl came and she was seated on the other end of the hallway with another sofa.  they had 2 doors and we entered the cafe separetely.

after yukio the doorman checked everything on his intercom, he opened the door and led us inside (red carpet XD).  there was another door inside that looked like the outside of a mansion (with doorbell).
the mansion door opened and we were greeted by men in swallowtails, "okaeri nasai mase ojou sama" 8DDDDDD hnnnng cant contain moe

the butler introduced himself; he was older and looked kinda like tanaka san from kuroshitsuji 8DDDD  he was so cool, he had monocles and everything, john and i agree he was the coolest lol.
he then introduced our footman, younger looking and with glasses 8DDD  i have a glasses moe 8DD  for the love of god i cannot remember his name tho lol

i think we had this guy (arrow pointing) lol XD  yes, the even have butler musicals LOL  ridiculous---

so even tho swallotail is a "butler cafe" the actual servers are "footmen" XD;;;;  nevertheless, they are elegant young men in a swallowtail attending to your every need so no complaints about their title! 
also they ask your permission for EVERYTHING, plz assume they asked me if it was okay and i said yes before they did anything XD;;; (pour tea = asked if he can pour me more tea and i said yes plz, he said excuse me and poured tea etc)

the butler asked if he should call john "bocchama" or "danna sama" (for younger and older males respectively) so we asked for danna sama lol.  he took our cloaks and shopping bags and then told john, "danna sama, this is your own mansion and we are your servants so you do not have to be tense" LOL  i explained he's shy about speaking japanese XD  this butler hnnnng

our footman took my bag and made a polite little note that cellphones and photos are strictly prohibited and if i was okay with that.  He then lead us down the beautiful hallway, with red carpet, mirrors and flowers, cautioning me to watch my step.  the other footmen stopped, bowed and said "okaeri nasai mase" when they saw us coming...it was like an echo of "okaeri nasai mase" so moe i die

the dining room was much bigger than i expected with huge chandeliers, fireplace, cabinets with teacups etc (*A* )  very pretty!!!  the middle had tables and the walls had booths with red velvet curtains.

we got this exact corner booth XD  and comfy, with a mini chandelier, lots of fancy cushions and books decorating the sides.
he pulled back the curtains, laid a napkin with the swallowtail embroidery on my lap, put my bag beside me and covered it with his handkercheif (*U* )  then, he handed us leather menus and explained the policies (how they do everything for us, use of bell etc) and food choices.

the swallowtail dishes are mostly in sets and start from around 2500yen.  they have side dishes too but you must order a set.  he said he'll give us a moment to look over the menu and left...only to come back 2-3 min later XD;;;; so fast...
we already decided from looking at the website to get the Anna Maria tea set but asked him what he liked anyways.  he recommended the exact tea set and explained you get a bit of everything and it's a nice sample of their menu XD 
we ordered that and he gave us time to look over the tea selection...actually not really, he came back really fast again XD;;;;;  there were looooots of tea and i couldnt choose so asked him to recommend something.  he asked what i liked, i answered floral, so he rec their signature tea, the Catherine Rose.

the butler came by to hand us the key to our cloaks and to ring the bell if we needed anything.

i was very tempted to use the little glass bell...so summoned my footman and asked for the restroom.  he led me to a side door with a little red carpet, and asked me to wait there when i was done so he can escort me back lol.
the inside had a big mirror ourside and the actual bathroom had fake rose vines with pretty pink toilet paper lol XD  the only down point is that there were few small fruit flies XD;;;;
i waited on the carpet as i was told and he escorted me back.  during all this, i was able to see the other footmen and customers. 

there were 2-3 other footmen and one had glasses on, but i liked the glasses our footmen on better lol XD  they were all very tall, elegant, skinny and had sexy voices (*u* )  nice on the eyes lol
most of the customers were girls (go figure lol), anything from casual to lolita.  most of them were chatting w the footmen but some were reading like they were playing the ojosama part lol.  there was one girl boasting she visited about 200 times (somuchmoney!) and she racked enough points for the footmen/butlers to call her by her name

our tea came first in small pots with a swallowtail tea cozy.  the footmen explained each tea cup (brand, origin, design etc) but i cannot remember anymore XD;;;
we chatted and he asked us where we were from etc. he pointed out "ojou sama should take a look at the books" on display since they are all english with very beautiful illustrations but he does not know any english lol.  we talked a lot but i was so busy hnng-ing over everything i forgot now XD;;;;

our tea platter came and it was WONDERFUL--!!!  very beautiful and delicious, very worth the 2800yen (*u* ) 

savory: choice of sandwiches or quiche.  john got the sandwich selection and i chose the german potato quiche (there were few selections, all with long french names i cannot pronounce lol)
scone: there is a wide selection!  i got the honey scone w clotted cream and maron chestnut cream (it was a seasonal choice).
sweets: cake, cream puff and jelly of the day.  super good!!!

after our footman explained everything, he asked which plate we wanted.  everytime we wanted a plate changed or tea poured, we had to ask him.  so he dropped by quite often or hovered around our table XD;;;; it was slightly bothering when our conversation kept being interrupted XD;;;;  
there was also one big fly and it kept aiming for our food...the footman came just as it was going to land on the tea platter so we quickly told him to grab us the plate to protect it XD;;;;;

20min before leaving time, the footman came with our bill and handed us a pre-member card.  

we apparently have to fill in the information and bring it in next time for a real card lol.  
when it was time to leave, our butler told us "ojou sama, it is time for your riding lessons" XD and escorted us out by pulling back the curtains and leading the way.

the butler and footman was waiting with out coat and bags and helped me put on my coat (*A* ).  they told me to check everything in the big mirror and cautioned us it was cold outside so please be careful that ojou sama wont catch a cold  hurhur 8D  then everyone bowed いってらっしゃいませ (have a good trip/day?) and opened the door while i responded with いってきます (i'm off!) like leaving your own house XD

i wish i thought of this business first, they must be making so much money lol  but the food was delicious and the ambiance was amazing!  it's not like they were super good looking, but the whole princess treatment was moe even for someone who doesnt have a butler-moe lol XD  i liked it better than the josou cafe (new type) and dansou cafe (80+1), would be nice to go again----

what i did before and after swallowtail...
we woke up super hungry so went to denny's for lunch before swallowtail XD;;;;  not a smart move but we were hungry OTL

omurice and onion soup <3  so good!!! 

pumpkin and yam parfait 8DDD  also shouldnt have gotten it but it was SO GOOD and limited time only so...no regrets, it was good lol

we had time before swallowtail (our res was 3:00) so parted ways and i went to closet child X3  bought a meta jsk and AP accessories.  
as i was heading twds swallowtail (lost) i saw iM@S on tv next to cars...i found amlux (toyota's showroom) where they were having an iM@S collab XDDDD  lucky----<3

john gave me big kurara (from kurage hime) when we met up XDDDDDD

kurara detsu---tequila!  (the smaller one he got me later on)

*swallowtail experience here* XD

afterwards i took john to amlux iM@S X3  we shopped around but unfortunately K-books was all closed due to inventory count day, it was fun nevertheless-----8DDDDD  we skipped dinner cuz we were both too full from swallowtail XD;;;
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