July 3rd, 2013

sin ja

anime expo 2013 - day 0

(written in sept, back-dated to july)
i've always wanted to go anime expo, but every year i end up going to a diff con with friends...so this year i booked everything early and made a commitment! lol  glad i went cuz i had a good time ヾ(o´∀`o)ノワァーィ♪

costumes i brought:
magi - default ja'far / fem!ja'far / ren kougyoku
idolm@ster - shijou takane
bakemonogatari - black hanekawa
utapri - nanami haruka...didnt end up wearing this tho XD;;;

 photo 2013-07-03182408.jpg
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on the labour day wknd, i had a shoot for scheherazade sama

preview!  i'll post more later on... *sob* magi 195 *sob*